#1 Hottest Swedish Supermodel Actress Yvette Rachelle Makes Hit Christmas Film Santa Stole Our Dog!

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Take #1 Hottest Swedish/American Model/Actress Yvette Rachelle, love of Holidays, Adopting Dogs, Saving Polar Bears & the Planet you get an incredibly joyful Xmas Film!

North Pole, Alaska (PRUnderground) December 22nd, 2017

Take one of the hottest Swedish/American Model/Actresses with the love of the Holidays, Adopting Dogs, Saving Polar Bears and the Planet and you got the incredibly joyful family Holiday film “Santa Stole Our Dog” Distributed by Universal Pictures. The film is full of fun and adventure that is sure to tickle everyones funny bone even the Grinch! This is the first film that the Swedish blue eyed beauty, Yvette Rachelle has Produced and is Lead.  More importantly, Miss Rachelle donated her time to make this film to help bring awareness to homeless and unwanted Dogs, Endangered Polar Bears and our fragile planet, things she holds close to her heart. All along making a film to spread some Holiday cheer and goodwill!

The great love of Dogs and our fragile World Environment inspired Actress/Top Model/Producer Yvette Rachelle to collaborate with Award winning Director/Writer/Producer, Bryan Michaell Stoller to create a family film in hopes to inspire people and to bring joy to audiences of all ages.

To make the story come alive with Holiday Spirit meant finding the greatest Santa of them all. So Miss Rachelle didn’t have to look far at all…And called her buddy, 7 time Emmy Award Winning Actor, Ed Asner to play Santa in the film.  This unlikely duo, a 88 year old and a 30 year old became friends at the charity Defenders of Wildlife while they were trying to help save the Polar Bears, Bison and Wolves. They both shared the commonality of being ardent Dog lovers.  Ed Asner also really liked Yvette Rachelle’s quote on saving the Wolves, “If it wasn’t for the Wolf we wouldn’t have Man’s Best Friend the Dog” and became best buds since… So the admiration of Man’s Best Friends were the driving force in the film for Rachelle, Stoller & Asner. As a kid Yvette Rachelle had 2 Saint Bernards that were both adopted and a Wolf Hybrid rescue she named Rusty. The Director Bryan Michael Stoller’s beloved Dog Lil Bear plays the Star Dog of the film Rusty. Ed Asner has a Bulldog puppy named Dudley that Rachelle says “is almost as handsome as Ed!” Rachelle hopes the film will inspire others to adopt Dogs over the Holidays as she did as a Kid. To further combine the love of Dogs & Polar Bears, Rachelle wrote an especially cute and touching scene in the film that has the little girl of the film receive a Polar Bear Adoption of a Mother Bear and Cub with the little girl’s Father saying the Polar Caps are melting and they are on the Endangered Species List.

Rachelle even got added inspiration for the film when meeting and discussing her film with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas & J.J. Abrams that she had the amazing honor to meet at the AFI Awards Show for John Williams.  They all gave her some priceless sage Hollywood advice, especially Steven Spielberg who said her imagination & dreams would make her Acting and Producing come alive…Miss Rachelle added that being a woman Producer was not easy in Hollywood but Actress, Drew Barrymore, who she also met that night put her at ease by congratulating her on making a Film and to “Girl Power” for being a female Producer in Hollywood in a male dominated field. She is in the deepest gratitude to this day to Spielberg and Barrymore as their words encouraged her during the perilous Ups and Downs of making a Film from start to finish in Hollywood.

This Ho-Ho-Ho-Hilarious Holiday film Stars Ed Asner (Up & Elf) as Santa of course as he is the Santa Hall of Famer, Actress Yvette Rachelle (Frost/Nixon) plays the cutest Elf ever- Snowflake, Eric Roberts (Batman Returns) plays the jaded Toy CEO and Lil Bear the Dog plays Rusty. Legendary Dolly Parton wrote an Original song especially for the film and Silent Night is sweetly sung by actor John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard). This non-stop entertaining romp is about Santa accidentally stealing the family Dog with Snowflake the Elf helping the family find their Dog Rusty leading them on an epic and unforgettable journey to the North Pole.

This is the first film Yvette Rachelle Produced and it was just at the prestigious Whistler Film Festival where it received stellar Hit reviews and the audience had a blast watching it! They loved the acting and said Yvette Rachelle’s was the adorably cute female Elf version of Will Ferrell in Elf and Ed Asner second it! Next year, “Santa Stole Our Dog” will be at some noteworthy US Film Festivals up for Awards as well.

If you love the Holidays & Dogs you are going to just adore “Santa Stole Our Dog.”  The amazingly joyous Universal Pictures Holiday Film is out now Theatrically on Amazon, iTunes, VUDU, Dish Network and also and on Redbox. Rachelle says, “Who knows maybe there will be a sequel to Santa Stole Our ?? Guess you will have to watch with the family to find out but along the way.  I wish you Christmas wishes and Candy cane kisses!”

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