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Antonio Stefano, The Brand That Loves Dogs, Makes Debut in the Duty Free World at IAADFS Convention

Industry: Fashion

Antonio Stefano, The Brand That Loves Dogs, Makes A Splash With Its Debut in the Duty Free World at The IAADFS Duty Free Show in Orlando

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) March 30th, 2017

In a world populated by alcohol, perfume, and cigarettes, Antonio Stefano stood out with its Italian hand-made ties. Of more importance, it stood out because it was created with the intent of helping abused dogs and does so by donating the maximum allowable, 49% of its profits towards the cause.

Antonio Stefano, the clothing brand, launched by creating 20 stunning tie designs with the sole purpose of raising money to build a for-profit, diagnostic-intensive medical and dental veterinary center that will devote 100% of its profits to provide free surgery to shelters’ abused and abandoned dogs. The hospital, to be called ‘Charlie’s’, after the dog of the founder, Stefano Riznyk, will make its business plan and operations open to anyone globally who wants to do open a similar operation.

Antonio Stefano ties are conceptualized by Stefano Riznyk and then printed and hand-made where two of the top 10 designers worldwide have theirs made. Each tie comes with an online story that explains how each of the designs were thought of.    A big plus with the collection is that Antonio Stefano is one of the first brands to carry each of their designs in three sizes: the standard 58 inches, 3 inches shorter, and 6 inches longer, to accommodate all markets. Conveniently, one of their slogans is: ‘Size Doesn’t Matter, Fit Does.’

The time has come, states Stefano, also known as Steven, to provide men a way to express themselves with  their business attire. For too long, the trend has been to ties that may look nice, but completely lack expression. For a man in the business world, states Stefano, there are only three choices, really. One can modify his belt, watch or tie.  Although some of men may be afraid of wearing an expressive tie, Antonio Stefano is catering to men who are leaders, and relish the opportunity of being distinguished from the crowd. On that note, he had offered several people a full refund if they purchased a tie and did not receive a compliment the first week, and sure enough, no one called to complain. The time has come once again, for ties to be an article of clothing a man looks forward to wearing! For more details, visit

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