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Network complexity, 5G rollouts will drive SON (Self-Organizing Network) spending to $5.5 Billion, says SNS Telecom & IT

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SNS Telecom & IT‘s latest report indicates that the growing complexity of mobile networks and 5G NR (New Radio) infrastructure rollouts will drive SON (Self-Organizing Network) spending to $5.5 Billion by 2022. SON technology minimizes the lifecycle cost of running a mobile network by eliminating manual configuration of network elements at the time of deployment,… Read more »

Book Editing Associates Has a New Website

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Book Editing Associates ( has been redesigned to make it easier for writers to find book editors by topic or genre.  “The site made it easy for me to have access to many experienced editors and then choose the one that best fit my work. It made me feel much more secure in my choice,”… Read more »

SmartBIM Partnership with Maxxon For BIM & Digital Product Management Now in Effect

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SmartBIM Technologies proudly announces that Maxxon Corporation has integrated the SmartBIM platform to provide digital product management and distribution services to the AEC community. Following the initial partnership announcement on July 12, 2018, the two companies have been working together to bring this software to Maxxon customers, giving building product manufacturers the ability to host,… Read more »

TECXIPIO Launches Reverse Video Search API to Automate Large-Scale Video Identification

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Germany-based Software Development Company TECXIPIO has provided access to their computer vision technology and launched a cost-effective Reverse Video Search API that can perform high-quality matching at a high processing speed to automatically match and identify even highly altered videos.   Search Huge Video Databases Efficiently And Automate Resource – And Time-Consuming Workflows With Computer… Read more »

GoFundMe Campaign Announced For The World’s First Internet Gas Station

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98CentGas.Com is the world’s first internet gas station. It’s done the unthinkable and given consumers the ability to save 98¢ off of every gallon of gas. Edward Pulley, owner and entrepreneur, has been working on the concept for some years, and the technology needed to run the complex infrastructure has finally caught up with him. … Read more »