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New BOSS Outsourcing Accounting Freedom Service Upends Bothersome HR Issues for a Fixed Rate

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Sure, every business gets busy at certain times of the year.  Take May 15th for instance, that’s a moment when a full-time accountant is handy to have in-house.  But what about the other times of year when, though still employed, the day-to-day chore of keeping the books isn’t quite as involved.  Unfortunately, businesses still have… Read more »

Hulikao Launches Personal Dark Web Monitoring Service Using Patented Data-Fingerprinting Technology

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Hulikao Partners today launched comprehensive dark web monitoring services for individuals that uses patented data-fingerprinting technology. This data fingerprinting technology can search the dark and deep web for personally subscribers personally identifiable information (PII) without having access to that information. This unique encryption technology protects the subscribers’ data while crawling the dark and deep web. … Read more »

Lánxn Starts a Revolution With Luxury Handbags Fashionistas Can Actually Afford

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Launched with a promise to make high-fashion doable, there’s a new kid on the block just rebellious enough to deliver. Offering a forever altered status quo, Lánxn has combined elegant design with upscale materials to compose what has not been seen before – true luxury handbags at affordable price points.  Starting a fashion revolution for… Read more »

Independent American Rapper, De Boss Releases New Single: Take That

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De Boss (Chinedu Moses Chukwunta), an independent American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer known as a vibrant up-and-coming musical artist, this week officially released his latest single: Take That. Following the tailwind success of his first studio album, Take That is De Boss’ first single of 2018. Known for an eclectic musical style that’s a… Read more »

‘We’re the Millers’ Lunden De’Leon Nominated Best Leading Actress

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It was announced today that the ICFF has nominated actress Lunden De’Leon (We’re the Millers”, Sweet Home Carolina) “Best Actress in a Leading Role” for her role in the film “Pure Justice”. In Pure Justice, De’Leon portrays a well-known attorney accused of illegal and unethical practices. The film is directed by Vickie Adams. Best known… Read more »