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Excelsis Movie Producers Provide Sneak Peek Into Upcoming Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Movie

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Producers of the movie titled “Excelsis” today announced the release of the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated feature length movie on the movie’s official YouTube channel. Moreover, “Excelsis” has been described as Rocky “1976” meets Fight Club “1999” and the teaser trailer will provides a quick glimpse into the movie that is currently… Read more »

Excelsis Movie Challenges The Drama Sport Movie Genre

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Producers of the movie “Excelsis”, a female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) based feature film, made a unique announcement through a series of tweets that sent ripples waves through an entire movie genre. The movie Producers challenged the entire Drama Sport movie genre to an unconventional fight for everything. In the movie “Excelsis”, Cassady Jones battles… Read more »

Excelsis Movie Becomes A Movement To Change Everything

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Universe Pictures Group today announced that the movie production “Excelsis” has quietly amassed over 10,000 collective followers on its social media platforms since its initial announcement earlier this year and has slowly become an underground movement to change everything. “Excelsis” is currently in pre-production and stars Karlee Rose as Cassady Jones, Avaah Blackwell as Scarlett… Read more »