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Derek Automotive Technologies Announces the Proteus One (Planet-Saver) – A Self-Charging Electric SUV

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Derek Automotive Technologies, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has released information about the first of its Proteus cars, vehicles with all-electric drivetrains and a gas-to-electric Proteus ‘warp-coil-generator ‘ to recharge the battery banks, instead of a plug-in charger. The automaker will introduce fully-electric SUV – the MA-3 (which uses fast plug-in charging) in September 2019, and plans… Read more »

Derek Automotive Debuts EV Supercharger That Solves Emission Standards

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Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc., announced today that the company has entered the final stage of funding for their gas-to-electric Proteus supercharger, an invention that recharges electric vehicles using gas instead of the electric grid. The Proteus supercharger will be ready for large-scale manufacturing and production in 2020. This news comes on the heels of what… Read more »