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The Details of My Reality Equates Numerous Emotions in a Story of Young Love

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Walls up and barricaded, I said, “Well, yeah. They’re all the same. Girl meets boy. Boy fights for girl. They usually get together, or one of them dies. The end.” “Wow.” He seemed amazed. “Pretty cut and dried, eh? Where’s the mystery, the romance, the obstacles they have to overcome?” “Oh, they’re in there, but… Read more »

New Book on Amazon Invites Women to “Become a Viking Mom!” and Go Big on Inherent Happiness

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Noted as the world’s “champions of happiness” for the last thirty years, it’s obvious that the Nordic set has some truth to tell.  So says the authors, co-founders, and CEOs of Viking Moms, Mette Dahm and Mette Wismann.  They’re the champs that have taken Danish parenting to the masses with their new book “Become a… Read more »

Charles St. Anthony, Uber Driver Hit By Drunk Driver, Pens New Tell All Entitled Uber Diva

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Most everyone has taken an Uber.  But now, some Uber drivers are front page in the news cycle. While waiting for a passenger past midnight this May, comedy writer Charles St. Anthony thought it would be like any other ride; then a drunk driver t-boned his vehicle sending Charles to the hospital. In his laugh-out-loud… Read more »