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Excelsis Movie VS The Drama Sport Movie Genre

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Universe Pictures Group today announced the release of the documentary short film titled “Excelsis Movie -Vs- Drama Sport Movie Genre” on YouTube. The short film highlights how the movie “Excelsis” a female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) based feature film currently in development became a movement that is now challenging the Drama Sport movie genre to… Read more »

Excelsis Movie Producers Provide Sneak Peek Into Upcoming Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Movie

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Producers of the movie titled “Excelsis” today announced the release of the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated feature length movie on the movie’s official YouTube channel. Moreover, “Excelsis” has been described as Rocky “1976” meets Fight Club “1999” and the teaser trailer will provides a quick glimpse into the movie that is currently… Read more »

Actress Yvette Rachelle’s Universal Picture Film a Hit at Film Festivals, Other Film Wins in Russia!

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The Stunning and multi talented blue-eyed beauty Actress/Producer Yvette Rachelle born Novemeber 12,1987 is making a big impact at the Film Festivals!  The talented newcomer both Starred & Produced Universal Pictures “Santa Stole Our Dog,” which was just a Top Pick in the Whistler Film Festival and is now up for Best Family film at… Read more »