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DFM Development Services LLC Celebrated as Unique Secret Tool for Real Estate Developers

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Trying to develop real estate in a big city can equal a paralyzing amount of red tape that can slow progress to a crawl. DFM Developments Services LLC is the team to turn to for Real Estate developers who want things done quickly & correctly.

Washington, D.C. (PRUnderground) May 21st, 2019

It is not uncommon for a real estate developer to find themselves faced with bureaucratic hurdles and handcuffed by red tape. The good news is a “secret tool” is out there that can help do the heavy lifting in these areas. The one-of-a-kind real estate development consultants, DFM Development Services, LLC, are experts at getting these kinds of issues sorted out accurately and as quickly as possible. The Washington DC-based consulting firm recently celebrated all the remarkable feedback they have been receiving from clients, who couldn’t be happier to have a team to work out the required technicalities so they can focus on developing their new properties and making their investments worthwhile.

“As a former Design & Construction Manager for the $2 Billion National Harbor project, I saw an industry need for a company that could navigate through the variety of red tape on real estate development projects,” commented David Muller, owner of DFM Development Services, LLC.

The red tape, especially for those developing real estate in Washington DC region, is not something most developers would want to consider tackling on their own. Just some of the jaw clenching tasks can include waiting on permits to be approved when working with local municipalities; calculating utility loads and coordinating services with utility companies that provide gas and electric, so that the utilities are available when the property is ready to open; ensuring that property is up to par with all stormwater management rules, is compliant with regulations and will pass stormwater facility inspections; and DFM Development Services, LLC will also play the important role of managing the bond release process on a project by submitting all required paperwork to the local jurisdictions, attending site inspections and completing the field punch list work that would otherwise be a real distraction to clients.

DFM Development Services, LLC has all of this and more down to an art form on projects in the Metro Washington DC region. The feedback from clients has been passionate across the board.

A local DC developer client of theirs recently said. “The professionalism and effort for a new relationship was top notch. We were impressed with how much attention we got along with DFM’s knowledge of the jurisdiction’s processes.”

For more information be sure to visit https://www.dfmdevelopment.com.

About DFM Development Services LLC

DFM Development Services LLC is a unique consulting business that provides development support services to real estate developers and owners in the Greater Metro Washington DC region. We take care of the bureaucracy of real estate development, so our clients don\’t have to.

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