Incense Producer Discourages Product Abuse

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The state of Kansas has outlawed it. Several Missouri counties have done the same. However, one producer of JWH-018 enhanced incense is actively discouraging the abuse of smoking or ingesting their product, Pandora Potpourri.

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRUnderground) March 17th, 2010

The state of Kansas has outlawed it. Missouri counties of Pettis and St. Charles have done the same. Other states, including Missouri, and municipalities are planning to join the ranks to ban JWH-018 infused products. However, one producer is actively discouraging the abuse of smoking or ingesting their product, Pandora Potpourri.

At the current time, little is known about the negative effects, if any, of “cannabinoids” such as JWH-018, as used in incense products like Pandora Potpourri. The Royal Society of Chemistry writes that “little is known about the effect on humans, as not even pre-clinical studies have been (completed) to determine potential toxicity…”

“Pandora is aware that some people are inhaling the product directly because of the marijuana-like high. We highly discourage such use,” said a Pandora spokesperson. “Our product, as all similar products, carries a warning that Pandora is not for human consumption. It is to be used as one would use any incense, placed in an incense burner and allowed to smolder.”

Pandora Potpourri is beginning its own research, working to have independent lab testing to provide more scientific data about JWH-018 and the herbs used in production.

Pandora Potpourri would also like to see proposed legislation placed on hold until scientific data can be obtained. “We believe that the current rush to make our product illegal is being done in fear rather than facts,” says the company spokesperson. “They are sticking their heads in the sand without knowing the benefits.”

JWH-018, named after its creator John W. Huffman, was developed as a tool to help determine the effects of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, on CB(1) and CB(2) receptors within the human brain. At this time, there are over 400 versions of the synthetic cannabinoid with the JWH prefix.

They would also welcome regulation and possible taxation of the product, as with tobacco, to discourage both the potential abuse and sales to minors.

Pandora Potpourri opened its doors in 2010 as a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of potpourri herbs using JWH-018. Pandora is a leader in product information and development, and currently manufactures four fragrances for retail sales for home use.


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