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Little Spark of Madness Films LLC, is a film company dedicated to bringing hidden stories to life through documentaries and short films. Focussing on shining a light on the forgotten aspects of our lives and history, Little Spark of Madness Films aims to work with up and coming talent, and to use creative storytelling techniques to bring these tales to the viewing public


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Jesse Cash
(949) 529-1678

Press Releases

Forgotten Tragedy Film Tells the Story Behind The St. Francis Dam National Monument

More Released on March 13, 2019

Forgotten Tragedy Film About Local Tragedy Garners International Attention

More Released on March 12, 2019

Story of the St. Francis Dam Tragedy Now on Amazon

More Released on February 6, 2019

Award-winning Documentary Forgotten Tragedy, Tells the Tale Of the Tragedy of the St. Francis Dam

More Released on January 16, 2019