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Publishers can create their digital magazines, upload them to FlipHTML5 Cloud, and share them on social media to command the attention of a broader audience.

Hong Kong, China (PRUnderground) April 12th, 2019

The adoption of smartphones, tablets, Kindles and e-book readers has dramatically influenced the reading habits of people, making the accessibility and consumption of digital literature very easy for many. That is why FlipHTML5 came up with the most straightforward way of creating interactive digital magazines through their magazine maker. The software has all the tools and features required for publishers to create stunning digital magazines full of rich multimedia, animations and plenty of other mobile-friendly facets. FlipHTML5 also enables users to create a native Android app they can upload and sell to readers on Google play and generate some revenue.

“Our magazine maker provides a variety of publishing options that offer many benefits to our clients,” said Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipHTML5. “Users can update their magazines any time to ensure fresh content for readers. They can also publish everywhere and enjoy high click-through efficiency while sharing their magazines with readers across the world. When readers love their digital magazines, they will spread the word and make the magazines known to more people, translating into more sales and profits for the publishers.”

The digital magazines created at FlipHTML5 provide enhanced brand advertising experience since they place readers in a highly designed editorial context that drives reader engagement and their intent to purchase. By creating personal homepages, collecting their e-magazines in bookcases, and having readers subscribe to their magazines, users can track activities on their magazines efficiently using the built-in statistics feature. In this way, they will uncover actionable insights about reader engagement and use them to fine-tune their content. It is easy for users to link directly to their homepages or specific products.

“With our software, users can easily turn their readers into editors or distributors,” continued Mr. Zhang. “Their magazines are created with special features that encourage high reader engagement and feedback. The opportunities of advertising will increase as users design great content that is shareable on various platforms including websites, social media and more. Empowering users with the ability to target consumers with multi-media content helps to capture their attention and develop lasting relationships with users’ brands.”

The magazine maker from FlipHTML5 allows users to design captivating digital magazines that can target consumers based on their location. The multi-language feature is one way to market magazines to a broader consumer market through customizing the language toolbar. The software enhances both social media and cross channel integration to reach out to international readers and make them loyal customers. Readers relate well with content that addresses their pain points. Using tools from FlipHTML5 technology fulfills the users’ desires to communicate and deliver solutions that readers require in a stunning way through their magazines.

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