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Radovan Hrubý announces breakthrough research in integrative neuroscience: Decoding the complexities of the brain by Psychoneurodevelopmental to the Prebirth and Perinatal Medicine

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Radovan Hrubý, Neuropsychiatrist, Researcher MD., Ph.D. (Slovak Republic) published new research on “Early brain development toward shaping of human mind: An integrative psychoneurodevelopmental model in prenatal and perinatal medicine” is led by, Radovan Hrubý (e-mail address: ) through forming a collaboration with editor Lili M. Maas (Sweden) and his mentor prof. Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh, MD, Ph.D. (Slovak Republic, Sweden).

Slovak Republic, Sweden (PRUnderground) June 13th, 2019

This research introduces an integrative psychoneurodevelopmental model of complex human brain and mind development. The studies are based on the latest findings in prenatal and perinatal medicine in terms of integrative neuroscience.

Prenatal is used to describe things relating to the medical care of women during pregnancy. This is an extremely vital phase of human life, which is a determining phase both from a psychological and physiological point of view. It is important because this is the phase of crucial development of all organs as well as the basic determination of the next complex personality. In addition to the above, the processes and regulations in the prenatal phase serve as adaptational strategies and physiological capabilities for the next postnatal life’s periods.

The changes in this phase serve as a bedrock for the postnatal life. Scientists believe that prenatal stress, maternal depression, maternal separation, hormonal deviations, immunology disorders, etc impact fetal’s brain and its differentiation in neurotransmitter level development, disturbances and predispositions.

Researches describe the process of continuous tendency to maintain homeostasis as well as dynamics in all systems of individual as the concept of human life’s continuum.

According to Hrubý, rapidly increasing knowledge in this field throws light on the human brain and human mind development. Such progress is also reflected by integrative neurosciences approaches, including prenatal and perinatal psychology. It is seen that the human brain development is an extraordinary eminent condition to maintain homeostasis, dynamic organization and integrity of a human individual.

Hrubý and the team have attempted to review the scientific knowledge about the unique and complex features of the human mind and behavior during early prenatal and early postnatal life periods from an integrative neuroscientific perspective.

The findings by Hrubý and the team indicate that the human fetus is able to recognize and process a lot of stimuli, including social and affective stimuli, and it also exhibits behavioral patterns and cognitive processing. Furthermore, scientific data supports human fetus ability to process a wide range of stimuli as well as exhibition of adaptation and memory capacities and even well defined neurobehavioral states.

According to Hrubý and the other researchers, a lot of findings in many neuroscientific areas indicate that integrative neuroscientific approaches could be very beneficial to study extraordinary complex functioning of the human mind and behavior. This allowed Hrubý to assess the human mind as a dynamic organization of unique mental processes and continuous mutual interplay.

The research is significant because “such integrative approaches could establish new methods in science, Read More.

Early brain development toward shaping of human mind: An integrative psychoneurodevelopmental model in prenatal and perinatal medicine

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