Youngster with spina bifida has remarkable turnaround following Nova Cells Institute treatment

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Nova Cells Institute has made steady advances in the treatment of spina bifida since 2010. A Slovakian youngster’s recent post-treatment improvements underscore this.

Tijuana, Mexico (PRUnderground) January 12th, 2018

Like many spina bifida sufferers, Slovakian youngster Ondrej Kovou could not sit by himself or stand and had a host of other physical challenges. This all changed in the months following his mid-April 2017 intravenous treatment with laboratory programmed stem cells and a unique stem cell homing compound developed by Nova Cells Institute of Mexico (NCIM).

In October (2017) his family excitedly reported that “6 months ago (before the stem cell treatment) he couldn´t sit, couldn´t turn to his belly and back, but NOW he can do all these things and STAND with our help too!”

Photos and additional videos documenting Ondrej’s post-treatment progress have been posted on the family’s Facebook page at

The little boy’s MD and physical therapist recently shared these comments in writing with Nova Cell’s patient care educator and coordinator, Grace Odgers, Ph.D. (cand.):

Ondrej began following his therapeutic plan on a regular basis as of December 19, 2016, doing 45 minutes 2x per week.

The exercises were aimed at aiding the development of the whole body with emphasis on upper limbs.

Prior to the Nova Cell Institute stem cell & Beacon Factor treatment: Ondrej could not roll over, could not hold his head up or prop himself up on his elbows to play with toys. He could not hold himself upright in on his knees or even knees and arms. He could not sit or stand.

We used the positioning according to Bobath concept and Vojto positioning.

Lower limbs showed very low movement activity, left leg slightly lower.

Indication of activity in hip joint, no activity in knee joint, very slight activity in ankle joint. When positioned on his tummy, some activity in right knee and ankle joints.

Neck muscles were weakened, Ondrej was unable to hold his head up in vertical position.

After the Nova Cells Institute stem cell & Beacon Factor treatment: The child was remarkably more agile and lively. When on his tummy, he can prop himself up and play with toys. Today he can roll over multiple times, sits up by himself with the help of his upper limbs and stays up without back support, wiggles both lower limbs, and upon stimulation, he pushed up on his legs, straightens them and attempts to stand up! He can remain standing upright about 30 seconds.

The child regularly attends rehabilitation. After stem cell treatment his motor skills have improved, he can move his legs better, he can sit, roll over. He pushes his legs and can stand up for a while.

Nova Cells Institute of Mexico made spina bifida a focus of its research and clinical treatment program back in 2010. This includes treating children with spina bifida with adult (nonembryonic) stem cells that have been specially primed in the laboratory to become specific cell types that promote restoration and repair in the central nervous system. In addition, those treated receive intravenous infusions of NCIM’s proprietary Beacon Factor, a special compound developed by Nova Cell’s chief biochemist, Dr. Abel Pena, which helps primed stem cells home in on their target tissues, reduces inflammation and increases blood flow in areas where it may be impeded.

To-date this program has resulted in impressive gains in physical functioning in more than 85% of the spina bifida patients treated.

NCIM can be reached by phone at 1-562-916-3410 and by email at




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About Nova Cells Institute of Mexico

Nova Cells Institute of Mexico (NCIM) runs an experimental medicine program in Mexico that includes use of laboratory primed adult (nonembryonic) stem cells and its own proprietary Beacon Factor

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