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17-Year-Old Developer Succeeds in Getting Makeup Comparison App “Cosmetic Shades” Released on iOS & Android

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Makeup professionals often face challenges when picking the right makeup to match photos. The new app “Cosmetic Shades” removes this problem quickly and simply, saving the user time and energy.

Birmingham, England (PRUnderground) September 24th, 2019

For many experienced entrepreneurs successfully releasing an iOS and Android app is something of a milestone, that requires a great deal of focus, smart work, and often involves overcoming surprise difficulties. These fact makes the recent launch of the new iOS and Android makeup comparison app “Cosmetic Shades” even more exciting and remarkable. “Cosmetics Shades”, which is winning praise from users, is the brain child of 17-year-old developer Kashish Mustafa, who developed, released and has marketed the app successfully while still being a student, and not neglecting his personal studies.

“I knew Cosmetic Shades addressed a real need in an effective way that people would find quite valuable,” commented Mustafa about the release of the new app. “I am used to staying very busy so it was an exciting and interesting period of time, which I am happy ended successfully. I look forward to working on more apps in the future.”

According to Mustafa, “Cosmetic Shades” is a comparison app which lets users quickly and simply find an alternative products with the same shade as their current makeup product being scanned. Common uses include finding a very close foundation from a different brand, either because the original is not available or to save money using lesser known options. While most users are makeup artists and other professionals who would like to match their client’s different skin tones consistently more normal users who are just makeup enthusiasts are also picking up the app, using it, and finding it valuable.

Kashish Mustafa plans on continuing her own education while remaining active as an entrepreneur and app developer, as the opportunity arises. He is almost certain to have great new ideas waiting to manifest as soon as the appropriate time presents itself, as he continues to impress those around him with his potential, which has barely shown itself, and has still left observers stunned.

The early feedback for “Cosmetic Shades” has been extremely positive, winning happy endorsements from makeup enthusiasts.

Jennifer S., from New Jersey, recently said in a five-star review, “I am a makeup artist and matching foundation has been something that has caused me headaches in the past. Now that I have the ‘Cosmetic Shades’ app it has made color matching super easy. I can’t recommend it any more. Totally perfect.”

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About Cosmetic Shades

Cosmetic shades, is a makeup color comparison app, which helps users find multiple branded foundations, concealers, lipsticks and lipgloss\’ with similar colors to their current brand.

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