“420 Friends”, A Social Networking App for Stoners Celebrates Its First 4/20 Day

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“420 Friends” is a quirky, yet ingenious social networking app for stoner singles to find love or just like-minded buddies for their 420 moments.

Ohio, USA (PRUnderground) April 20th, 2017

Launched this year on February 17, “420 Friends” is a quirky, yet ingenious social networking app for the stoner singles who want to find love or just like-minded buddies for their 420 moments.

The dating app for stoners promises to provide a “Spark” interface where users can find other stoners around them by swiping left or right on their app.

Within days of its launch, the app gained the much-anticipated limelight for its super-friendly interface that lets you find stoner buddies within the vicinity and that too in a whim: Swipe, swipe, and that’s it.

“It’s been 2 months since we launched 420 Friends app, and we already have more than 7K active members from the US,” Casper, spokesperson 420 Friends, said in an interview. “The members tell us that the idea is cool and they don’t care if the world isn’t ready for it.”

There are other social apps for stoners who are looking for people that won’t judge them for their pot-smoking habit but only 420 Friends is totally free to use. 420 Friends’ users are already mesmerized for getting an outlet that connects them with other cannabis users from around the world.  One 420 Friends user said:

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with people smoking pot. It is just a part of their life and something they shouldn’t be judged upon. Marijuana has tons of health benefits too but no one talks about it. In fact, I have come across scores of studies that show smoking and drinking lead to more medical complications than marijuana. There is a social stigma attached to the use recreational drugs and we need to get over it”

Another user talked about how 420 friends is going to make it easy for the pot smokers to find dates their near them:

“420 Friends is going to simplify dating for pot smokers. According to the user, “When two individuals plan on getting into a relationship, it is important that they’re on the same page and have similar values and interests. In case, your potential companion doesn’t like smoking marijuana, there are chances you might have conflicting views on other things as well. This is certainly not good for a relationship,”

420 Friends is available for a free download on the App Store. You must be at least 18 years old to download this app.

About 420 Friends

Connect with people who enjoy the same things, make friends, find dates, hangouts, or hookups. Swipe suggested matches to find mutual interests, hold conversations, and share great moments with like-minded people. No stigma, no charge, only fun.

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