A Powerful New Anthology for Those Seeking to (re)Claim Their Voice From Author Jessica Buchanan

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Alexandria, VA (PRUnderground) January 25th, 2023

This one’s for the women who’ve been through something. Something hard. The women who’ve been hurt, harmed, or harassed in some way and who’ve chosen to climb the mountain. To overcome.

This book is for women who are on a journey and who may be lost in the depths of the desert but continue their search for answers. For their voice. For those who persevere, who keep on keeping on. The women seeking community, commiseration, hope, and healing.

Powerful and pertinent, Deserts to Mountaintops: Our Collective Journey to (re)Claiming Our Voice is an impactful anthology compiled by kidnapping survivor Jessica Buchanan who spent 93 days as a hostage to pirates demanding $45 million for her freedom until her rescue by SEAL Team Six on January 25, 2012.

Consisting of 22 stories written by women from all walks of life, Deserts to Mountaintops is intended to inspire all who read it to turn the pain of the past into a platform for empowerment—of self and one another. While each story is different, they’re all stories about finding the willpower to persist in the face of impossible odds and the importance of connecting with one’s self and others to uncover strength and understand personal truth.

Deserts to Mountaintops has been birthed from Jessica’s own healing journey and seeks to recognize and celebrate tenacity, resilience, and the will to overcome. She said, “I wanted to create a space, a platform, that empowers women to reclaim their voice, showing all of us how to stand in our own infinite power, and remind us why we are here, what we can do, and who we can become, in spite of what’s happened to us.”

This anthology is so much bigger than a book. It’s a community. A safe space that unites women’s voices moves them to action and empowers them to have the necessary conversations. To tell their stories. And, importantly, to be heard. To do the hard work of healing so that together, they can be better. Together, they can grow.

“Women all over the world need to read these stories of survival, of overcoming, and of reclamation, to know that it’s possible for all of us to do it—no matter what we’re called upon to overcome,” says Jessica.

Deserts to Mountaintops will be available on Amazon on January 25, 2023, the 11th anniversary of Jessica Buchanan’s rescue and an auspicious date for these stories to be released, marking a moment for women to ignite a chain reaction of hope in a world full of those who need it.

A podcast entitled Deserts to Mountaintop Limited Series will also be released, featuring interviews with each of the contributors. For more information, visit: https://www.jessbuchanan.com/.


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About Jessica Buchanan:

Jessica Buchanan is the compiler of Deserts to Mountaintops: Our Collective Journey to (re)Claiming Our Voice and an inspiring woman whose story of survival made waves all over the world. Abducted in 2011 while on a routine field mission in Somalia, Jessica was held ransom for 93 days and terrorized by her captors until the Navy’s elite SEAL Team Six heroically rescued her on January 25, 2012. Since then, Jessica has dedicated herself to inspiring others by speaking about her experience, which she wrote about in a New York Times bestselling book titled Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team Six. She serves as a board member of the nonprofit organization Hostage US. Jessica is also a dedicated Ambassador for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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