AllergyEasy Debuts No-shots Treatment for all Major Grass Allergies

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Just in time for spring grasses, AllergyEasy introduces a treatment that desensitizes people to all major grass pollens nationwide.

Phoenix, AZ (PRUnderground) May 15th, 2019

Tree pollens may be dying down, but grass pollens are poised to pick up where they left off, leaving allergic misery in their wake. Allergy medications can provide short-term relief, but AllergyEasy is now offering a long-term solution with an oral version of allergy immunotherapy that offers the lasting benefits of shots without the pain and hassle.

AllergyEasy helps primary care physicians around the country test and treat for pollen and food allergies. The company’s newest development is a treatment that can be taken under the tongue that covers all major allergenic grasses.

Grass allergies begin flaring in warm parts of the country as early as April. Bermuda is among the first to pollinate, followed by others such as meadow fescue and rye. Bahia, Johnson, and Timothy join the fray soon afterward.

These grasses can cause maddeningly itchy and swollen eyes, sneezing, coughing a runny or congested nose, sore throat, and headaches. They can even stir up eczema, asthma, and sinus and ear infections.

Many people with allergies make their way through grass season with the help of medication such as antihistamines and decongestants. While this may be sufficient for some people, others find that the medications are only partially effective at keeping their symptoms at bay.

They also find that their symptoms come right back if they forget a day and that the following year is a refrain of the previous one. After all, these drugs don’t do anything to affect the underlying allergy — they simply mitigate its symptoms.

The other option for allergy sufferers is to get subcutaneous immunotherapy or allergy shots. The advantage here is that the shots are tackling the allergy itself by desensitizing the body to the pollens. That way, the symptoms don’t keep returning.

But shots have drawbacks, too. Not only are they painful, they monopolize a lot of people’s time because they have to be given under direct supervision at the doctor’s office. Many people refuse shots even though they need them simply because they don’t have time to drive to a medical clinic a couple of times a week for injections.

The AllergyEasy turnkey allergy treatment program leverages the long-term benefits of immunotherapy while negating the need for shots. The AllergyEasy team helps doctors around the country prescribe under-the-tongue drops that help patients develop an immunity to all allergenic grass pollens.

This oral drop treatment is known as sublingual immunotherapy, and since it is safer than shots, it can be dosed at home. It is also a safer option for young children who suffer from grass allergies but may not be old enough to qualify for shot therapy.

Dr. Stuart Agren, president and founder of AllergyEasy, said that his program offers one of the most comprehensive allergy treatments available.

“The drops don’t just target a few of the most prevalent grasses — they target any type of grass that people may encounter in the neighbor’s yard or city park or on the golf course,” said Agren.

And the benefits don’t just stop with grass. Most people with grass allergies are also allergic to other triggers, including tree pollens and ragweed. The AllergyEasy program offers desensitization to all major pollens in addition to pet dander, dust, mold, and numerous foods.

Allergy immunotherapy allows for natural allergy treatment, free of the side effects common to synthetic medications. Dr. Agren said that patients who experience allergy symptoms during three or more months of the year might be candidates for sublingual immunotherapy.

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