AllergyEasy Debuts Ragweed “Boost” to Fortify Fall Allergy Sufferers

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Company that provides U.S. family physicians with a turnkey allergy treatment program rolls out new ragweed “boost” to supplement popular oral allergy drops.

Phoenix, AZ (PRUnderground) September 25th, 2019

For those suffering from fall allergies, the real culprit may be ragweed pollen. Studies show that roughly 16 percent of Americans are allergic to ragweed. Fortunately, the treatment doesn’t have to be painful or time consuming. AllergyEasy, which helps primary care doctors around the country prescribe under-the-tongue allergy treatment drops to their patients, has introduced a ragweed boost to provide better coverage than ever against the ubiquitous fall allergen.

AllergyEasy offers a turnkey allergy treatment program that allows family practitioners and pediatricians to allergy test their allergic patients and treat them with a simple, pain-free alternative to allergy shots. The treatment, known as sublingual immunotherapy, is administered as daily drops under the tongue. The drops absorb into the bloodstream through special cells in the mouth and desensitize the body to allergens such as pollen, dust, and mold.

The AllergyEasy drops offer protection against well over 100 allergens, which allows for thorough coverage in all parts of the country and seasons of the year. But due to the pervasiveness of ragweed, the company is rolling out a “ragweed boost” which ensures even greater protection against ragweed pollen.

Ragweed is a particularly prolific pollinator. One plant can release up to a billion pollen granules in a season, and those pollens are so light that they can travel for miles on the wind, afflicting widespread misery as they blow along.

Another strike against ragweed allergy sufferers is that global warming is worsening the effects of ragweed. A paper published this spring in The Lancet Planetary Health documented the first global indication that recent temperature increases triggered by climate change are both extending and intensifying the ragweed season.

Physicians can begin prescribing the ragweed boost to their patients a few months in advance of ragweed season, which usually begins in mid- to late-August. This allows time for the immune system to increase its resistance so that it won’t overreact when ragweed pollens hit. The boost is incorporated into the patient’s regular allergy drops, so they won’t have to make any changes to their treatment regimen; they can just keep taking the prescribed number of drops once per day.

While some people can manage their ragweed allergies with over-the-counter medications, Dr. Stuart Agren, AllergyEasy founder, said that this is not the best course for some sufferers.

“As a general rule, if allergy sufferers are having to pop pills for more than a few months of the year, whether to protect against ragweed or any other type of pollen, they may be candidates for sublingual immunotherapy,” said Dr. Agren. “The big problem with pills is that they don’t affect the underlying allergy — just its symptoms — so when people stop the pills, the symptoms come right back.”

Agren said that the drops provide a more lasting solution and also a simpler one. Because the drops are safer than shots, they don’t have to be taken under direct physician supervision.

“In this busy day and age, more and more patients are opting for the convenience of allergy drops that they can take in the comfort of home on their own timetable,” said Agren.

To learn more about sublingual immunotherapy or the new ragweed boost, call (877) 276-3393 or visit

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