AllergyEasy Helps Military Members Sustain Allergy Care in Spite of Many Moves

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Military members can have trouble sustaining allergy treatment due to moves and deployments, but AllergyEasy has a solution with portable oral drop treatment.

Phoenix, Arizona (PRUnderground) March 28th, 2019

Being a member of the military, or a dependent of a military member, can mean being constantly on the move. Many military families move every two to three years, and military members can deploy at a moment’s notice. This itinerant lifestyle can make many things difficult — including allergy treatment. But AllergyEasy has a solution with sublingual immunotherapy drops that offer on-the-go desensitization.

Many people get allergy treatment in the form of allergy shots, which must be administered at the physician’s office once or twice a week. These shots desensitize the body to allergens in the environment so that it will stop reacting to them. Consistency, however, is the key with allergy immunotherapy, so if people aren’t regularly at home, as is the case with many military members, it can be very difficult to achieve and maintain desensitization.

In addition to problems with dosing consistency, military members and their families can be challenged by an ever-changing allergy environment. Just when their body starts to become desensitized to allergens in one state, they may have to move across the country — or even out of the country.

AllergyEasy has an answer to both of these problems with a treatment known as sublingual immunotherapy. This treatment is much like subcutaneous immunotherapy (allergy shots) except that it is dosed as drops under the tongue instead of as injections. And here’s the clincher: it has a higher safety profile than allergy shots so it does not have to be dosed under direct physician supervision. That means allergy drops can be taken in the comfort of home or on the go.

In addition, the sublingual drops prescribed through the AllergyEasy program contain a comprehensive mix of pollens. Whereas most allergy shot solutions include only a small mix of local pollens, the drops contain the most common pollens from around the world. That means that wherever patients travel or move, they will be protected from most allergens in their environment. And as an added bonus, the drops are free of the side effects of synthetic medications. They provide a natural allergy treatment that rarely interferes with other health conditions or medications.

AllergyEasy patient Dayton DeLange, an 11-year-old military dependent, benefits from the drops. He will make his third move in five years when his father is transferred from Lackland Air Force Base in Texas to the Pentagon this summer. He will continue taking his allergy drops through the transition, just as he has through the last two moves, with seamless protection.

“We are very grateful for the drops,” said Dayton’s mother, Stacy. “The mountain cedar here in San Antonio is a nightmare for many people with allergies, but Dayton hasn’t had any problems with it. And it’s nice to know that he will be protected from the pollens that will face us in our next move.”

Shots have been around longer than drops, but drops have been steadily gaining traction since the mid-1980s. Currently, nearly half of all patients in Europe receiving allergy treatment opt for allergy drops instead of shots. Drops are on the rapid rise in the U.S. as well due to their safety and convenience.

“This is an exciting solution for allergic military members who have to travel or deploy and aren’t near a clinic where they can continue their shots,” said Stuart Agren, M.D., AllergyEasy Founder. “Whether they’re on an aircraft carrier or in the middle of a foreign desert, they can continue their desensitization without losing all of the progress that they have made.”

The drops are dosed daily under the tongue, where they can absorb into the bloodstream through special cells in the mouth.

AllergyEasy provides a turnkey allergy treatment program to physicians around the country who want to prescribe the drops. It’s a win-win: doctors can better help their allergic and asthmatic patients, and patients can get the convenience and effectiveness of sublingual immunotherapy and find out what it’s like to live allergy-free.

To learn more about AllergyEasy for military members or other allergic individuals, visit or call (877) 276-3393.

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