AllergyEasy Hits Landmark with Doctors in 35 States Prescribing Allergy Drops

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AllergyEasy, which helps primary care doctors prescribe oral drops instead of shots for allergy treatment, celebrates growth with clinics in 35 states.

Phoenix, AZ (PRUnderground) November 14th, 2019

With one out of five Americans suffering from allergies, AllergyEasy helps primary care physicians around the country bring hassle-free treatment to their patients with under-the-tongue allergy immunotherapy drops. The company is celebrating its business growth this month with clinics in 35 states offering the AllergyEasy program to their patients.

AllergyEasy started with one physician — Stuart Agren, M.D. — who began prescribing sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) to his allergy patients back in the 1980s. Sublingual immunotherapy works a lot like allergy shots in that it exposes patients to the very things that once triggered their allergy symptoms (pollens, pet dander, etc.), thereby desensitizing them to these triggers. But with SLIT, the antigen is taken as drops under the tongue instead of through injections.

Though Dr. Agren had previously prescribed shots, he found a number of benefits to prescribing the under-the-tongue drops as an alternative. For one, the drops were safer than shots so they could be taken at home rather than at the doctor’s office. Dr. Agren found that the convenience of allergy drops made people more likely to stick with the treatment and achieve desensitization. He also found that the drops were better for young children than shots, allowing him to treat allergy sufferers who weren’t considered old enough to get relief from injections.

Dr. Agren became one of the first doctors in the country to prescribe sublingual immunotherapy. After treating thousands of his own patients, he developed a turnkey allergy treatment program that allowed primary care physicians around the U.S. to test and treat their allergic patients.

“Studies have shown that patients are much more comfortable getting specialty care from their trusted primary care doctor than a specialist they don’t know,” said Dr. Agren. “By teaching primary care doctors to allergy test and prescribe the appropriate treatment through sublingual immunotherapy, we’ve been able to make allergy treatment much more accessible to the masses.”

Equipping primary care doctors to resolve allergies helps eliminate challenges for people who may live far from an allergist’s office. Agren said that it also helps with continuity of care.

“There can be gaps in care when patients are referred out to a specialist, but these can be bridged by keeping primary care and allergy care under the same roof,” said Agren.

According to Dr. Agren, many people are unwilling to seek treatment through allergy shots because of the time involved.

“Most people don’t have room in their schedule to go to the doctor’s office a couple of times per week for shots,” said Agren. “SLIT allows patients to progress through desensitization therapy by dispensing just a couple drops of serum under the tongue each day in the comfort of home.”

As a general rule, Agren recommends sublingual immunotherapy for patients who suffer from allergies for more than a few months of the year. While medications can keep short-term bursts of allergies at bay, they don’t address the underlying allergy. As a result, patients will feel their symptoms returning once they stop the medication. Immunotherapy, on the other hand, can “re-teach” the immune system so that the allergic reaction stops occurring altogether.

“Antihistamines and steroids are essentially putting a bandage on the problem,” said Agren. “For people who are bothered by allergies for multiple months, a long-term solution is usually the better approach.”

The allergy treatment is effective for allergies to pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and some food proteins. It is a natural allergy treatment and free of the side effects common to synthetic medications.

For more information about AllergyEasy or to find providers in various locations in 35 states, visit or call 1-877-276-3393.

About AllergyEasy

AllergyEasy helps allergy doctors around the country provide sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) to their patients who suffer with allergies to pollen and food allergies (including dairy allergy, wheat allergy, nut allergy, fruit allergy and more.) AllergyEasy can connect patients to a doctor in their area who offers sublingual allergy treatment.

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