AllergyEasy Urges Affiliated Physicians to Advocate for Teal Pumpkin Day

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Company that helps family doctors prescribe oral drops as an allergy shot alternative asks affiliated doctors to tout a Halloween program for food-allergic kids

Phoenix, AZ (PRUnderground) October 14th, 2019

With its food-centric parties and trick-or-treating, Halloween can be a disappointing holiday for kids with food allergies. That’s why the team at AllergyEasy is urging their network of physicians to spread the word about Teal Pumpkin Day-an initiative to create a safer, happier Halloween for food-allergic kids.

AllergyEasy helps primary care physicians around the country provide allergy treatment to their patients by prescribing sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). SLIT is an alternative to allergy shots, offering desensitization through daily drops under the tongue rather than injections. The drops are safer than shots so they can be taken at home rather than at the doctor’s office. AllergyEasy drops are effective for allergies to pollens, mold, dust, pet dander, and some food proteins.

Since many people with allergies tend to have multiple triggers across the realm of food and pollen, Stuart Agren, M.D., AllergyEasy President and Founder, said that the Teal Pumpkin Project will benefit many AllergyEasy patients.

“Studies have shown a high correlation between hay fever and food allergies, so there are a lot of patients reacting to both pollens in the environment as well as to allergenic foods like peanuts and tree nuts,” said Dr. Agren. “The Teal Pumpkin Project is a great initiative that will have implications for many of our patients and their families.”

The project was started by a mother of a child with life-threatening food allergies and is now championed by the national advocacy group Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). Participants can stock up on non-food Halloween treats and display a teal pumpkin (either an actual pumpkin or simply a paper print-out of one) on the outside of their home. This notifies trick-or-treaters that they have allergy-free offerings for visitors. Participants can also enter their home on the site’s interactive map so that they can be easily found by kids with allergies and check out the map themselves so that they can find homes with allergy-free treats for their own children.

According to Dr. Agren, life is difficult enough for youngsters with allergies without the stress and disappointment that food-centered holidays can bring.

“From the youngest ages, allergic kids can battle a host of symptoms depending on the nature of their allergies,” said Dr. Agren. “Whether it be ongoing rhinitis, asthma, or eczema from pollen or gastrointestinal problems from food, allergies can really wreak havoc on young lives.”

Agren’s company brings allergic solutions that offer greater flexibility and effectiveness than other treatments. Thanks to the option for home administration with drops, they are a good choice for busy families that may not be able to get to the doctor’s office a couple of times a week for shots. The drops are also a better choice than prescription drugs such as antihistamines for many patients because they offer a lasting solution.

“Antihistamines and decongestants can take the edge off of seasonal allergies, but they’re just a band-aid fix,” said Agren. “Allergy drops can actually alter the underlying allergic disease so that the allergy symptoms don’t keep returning.”

Agren said that the drops can be a good alternative for those who suffer from allergies for more than a few months of the year and need more than the mere symptom-masking that allergy drugs offer. They are also a popular choice for young children who are not yet candidates for shots and whose parents want to avoid the side effects of synthetic allergy drugs. The drops are a natural allergy treatment and are not commonly linked to significant side effects.

AllergyEasy has more than 130 physicians across the country who prescribe sublingual immunotherapy drops. Agren said that he is hoping for full support of the Teal Pumpkin Project with each of these physicians spreading the word in their respective parts of the country. To learn more about AllergyEasy, visit or call (877) 276-3393.

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