Amics Digital Marketing Solutions Moves Into Music Distribution Following 500% Growth

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The success of its digital marketing services since 2020 is all the more notable for the against-the-odds backstory of its founder and CEO, Daneury (Danny) Silverio.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 3rd, 2022

Amics Digital Solutions, a digital advertising agency serving SMEs, music labels, and artists, has announced the expansion of its digital marketing solutions into a music distribution service, Amics Music Distribution. Leveraging founder Daneury Silverio’s innovative approach to digital marketing strategy and disruptive brand storytelling to deliver marketing support to artists.

The company has scaled 500% since 2020, serving clients with over $1 million in digital ad spend. Amics Digital Solutions has worked on several high-profile projects, including the inaugural political marketing campaign for the New York Times.

Success Against the Odds

Now a trusted digital marketing advisor, Silverio’s entrepreneurial success has come despite challenging odds.

Born to a single parent in a developing country before moving to the Bronx, NY as a child, Silverio’s background includes gang membership, violence, and a history of failure. However, his story proves no matter what start someone has in life, their passion and determination to succeed can win out. It is this forward-thinking determination that has rocketed Silverio’s digital marketing career.

Commenting on the expansion and success of Amics Digital Solutions, Silverio says, “Nobody ever thought I’d make it because of all the failures I’ve had in life. But, as Robert F Kennedy said, only those who dare to fail greatly, achieve greatly.

“Amics Digital Solutions and its sister company Amics Music Distribution apply that all-guns-blazing approach to our digital marketing solutions. We don’t hold back, we disrupt, we innovate, and we only ever look forward. Is that risky? Sure, sometimes it is. But it is what sets us apart and what has fueled our stratospheric growth.

“We’re never afraid of failure. And it works.”

From Digital Marketing Solutions to Music Distribution

Silverio is now using his wealth of experience serving artists and music labels to expand his digital advertising agency offering into music distribution services. Amics Music Distribution will bring the distinctive next-generation approach to the marketing strategy used by sister company Amics Digital Solutions to help artists and labels reach a wider audience.

The company will leverage its expertise in end-to-end digital marketing solutions, market research, and e-commerce to support artists with comprehensive marketing solutions.

About Amics Digital Solutions

Amics Digital Solutions is a creative, forward-thinking digital advertising agency committed to providing exceptional digital marketing solutions for SMEs, music artists, and music labels. The company offers a full spectrum of digital marketing solutions, including all aspects of digital advertising and data analysis, e-commerce, lead generation, market research, competitor analysis, and marketing strategy development. To learn more, visit

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