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AppSec Designer (TM) Application Aims To Slash Cyber Crime By One-Third

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AppSec Designer (TM) Application Security Design Modeling Tool’s Smart Design Aims To Slash Cyber Crime By One-Third.

Gaithersburg, MD (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2017

A revolutionary tool from Turnaround Security the AppSec DesignerTM Application Security Design Modeling Tool may very well be the smart design that has the potential to slash cybercrime by one-third through its ingenious combination of low-level security modeling, threat modeling countermeasures, and graph database technology.

Cyber Security and risk management analysts and experts have been saying that the smart design may hold the key to cutting cybercrime, a problem that has been costing up to $166 Billion in losses each year and Security Design Errors in software are to blame for this problem. John Willis, the Chief Executive Officer for Turnaround Security and the mind behind AppSec DesignerTM recognizes the damage caused by cyber security vulnerabilities through his experience working as an Enterprise Security Architect on a large government project, after facing development leads that created system security plans that were lacking in quality; the idea for AppSec DesignerTM took roots.

Experts believe that as the internet and technology continue to evolve so should the approaches towards cyber security and risk management. They are of the view that relying on old tricks and strategies,  is no longer yielding the same results as cybercrime has become more complex and ironically much easier to commit; therefore to counter this issue  developers must step up their game and come up with a smarter design.

The creator of AppSec DesignerTM is confident that his up-coming application security tool may be answer everyone is looking for with its Common Criteria Security Functional Requirements, including their dependencies, are re-used and grouped into Security Requirements Packages. Security Components are characterized as consisting of Security Requirements Packages. Reference Libraries are community-supported, and may be customized locally to meet your needs and standards. This enables expanding, e.g., a TLS (SSL) Component into over 25 detailed Application Security Functional Requirements. AppSec DesignerTM uses Graph Database technology, which enables enumerating a large number of Application Security Functional Requirements very fast. Application Security Functional Requirements can now be enumerated:  At the low-level logical and physical layers of a design. For a very large number of requirements. At very fast speeds.  In such detail that Threat Modeling becomes less relevant.

However, AppSec DesignerTM is still a work in progress and requires the assistance of the online crowd to support and fund the next phase of the software’s development by contributing to its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Upon successful funding of the crowdfunding campaign AppSec DesignerTM is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2018. For more information:

About AppSec Designer (TM)

AppSec Designer (TM) is the brainchild of John Willis, who is Founder and Chief Executive Office of Turnaround Security. Turnaround Security was founded to tackle the “hard problems” in the information security and privacy domains through creating innovative solutions.

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