Arc-E-Ology Offers Professional CNC Motion Systems In Sanford, Maine

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Arc-E-Ology was founded in 2016 by Rich Whicker, a progressive innovator specializing in CNC and Numerical Control. Arc-E-Ology is the source for high-quality, highly-reliability CNC motion systems. They have systems for plasma cutting, laser cutting, wood routing, metal cutting, and more.

Sanford, ME (PRUnderground) February 24th, 2023

Arc-E-Ology, a leading CNC motion systems company in Sanford, ME, has been providing industry-leading solutions and services for over six years. Arc-E-Ology was founded in 2016 by Rich Whicker, a progressive innovator specializing in CNC and Numerical Control. Since then, they’ve established a superior level of trust with customers across multiple industries by focusing on core values such as leadership, technology, quality, and reliability.

Today, the company is proud to announce that it has become a Northeast Distributor for Tin Knocker Sheet Metal Working Machinery. Their clients can take advantage of a full range of state-of-the-art machinery at affordable prices. Be it systems for plasma cutting, laser cutting, wood routing, metal cutting, and more, Arc-E-Ology has the equipment for every need.

With their custom-designed motion systems, Arc-E-Ology can match their clients’ production needs with the perfect motion system. Every product is custom-made with the latest components, leading to less downtime and improved productivity. Clients can also choose between full brushless, stepper, or closed-loop stepper motor technologies to fit their precision requirements.

In addition, their retrofit service allows clients to upgrade their existing systems and bring them up to new levels of quality, accuracy, and efficiency. Arc-E-Ology will assess the current system, identify potential problems and recommend the best solutions. This way, they can extend the system’s lifetime, giving their clients an alternative to replacing their technology and saving them time and money.

Some of the technologies they work with are, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • MACH CNC control software, including MACH3 and MACH4 from Newfangled Solutions.
  • Advanced CAD-CAM industrial nesting software from Shop Data Systems.
  • PractiCAM™ advanced computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and estimating system for sheet metal and ductwork from MetaLab.
  • Draftsman Cutting Shop raster to vector conversion program for all cutting applications from Arbor Image.

Arc-E-Ology recently added new tools to their catalog:

Laser Cutting Heads by RayTools. These powerful laser head feature a power rating of 1 to 12KW and a fully smart sensor technology with real-time status monitoring by mobile app or CNC. Its auto-focus control via 0-10V or EtherCAT helps minimize tracking errors and enhances accuracy. With these tools, Arc-E-Ology takes Laser cutting efficiency to a whole new level.

RayTools AX series EtherCAT Motion Control System

Exchange-table flat cutting; Compatible to X/Y/Z axis servo based on EtherCAT or Pulse+Direction .

(Note: remove these bullet points from this PR, but keep them for use on the new web pages talking about the RayTools product.)

  • Process database can be expanded as clients require.
  • Fly cut, down jump, compensate, lead, micro-joint,  pre-pierce, multilevel pierce and film cut etc…
  • Auto FindEdge, manual FindEdge,  auto sort and break point cut, etc…
  • Cooling point and triangle cut.
  • Auto sort: auto transferred to system recognized format, auto sorted  and generate to NC or PART files.
  • Compatible to various lasers.
  • Compatible to processing by manual G code modification
  • Communication: EtherCAT protocol control with real-time refresh cycle 1ms.
  • Accuracy: path 0.005mm, positioning 0.001mm, repeated positioning 0.002mm.
  • Speed: max. acceleration 2G, max. cutting 55mm/min, max. dry motion 160m/min.
  • Safety: overload protection to axis moment, real-time monitoring to axis moment to stop and upload servo alarm.
  • FindEdge: Auto FindEdge and manual FindEdge (Auto FindEdge can turn angle automatically by detecting slight angle deviation of metal material).
  • Alarm: alarm log export to give reference to operator.
  • Friendly maintenance: auto calibration and break point mode.
  • Commissioning: close-loop arc detection feature to save commissioning time. Torque monitoring feature to detect the status of mechanical meshing if it is too tight or loose.

Furthermore, the company’s service doesn’t end at installation. They’re available for training, troubleshooting, repairs, and parts upgrades to guarantee only positive experiences. Arc-E-Ology is decisively committed to its client’s success and strives to help them get the most out of their motion systems.

Arc-E-Ology offers professional CNC Motion Systems in Sanford, ME. Any party interested in leveling up their process with the latest technology can contact them at (207) 608-5378 or visit the office at 1625 Maine St., Suite 310, Sanford, ME 04073. You can also access their website for more information.

Contact name: Rich Whicker


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