Aria Modern Home Announces Indiegogo Campaign to Bring Modern and Affordable Smarthome Platform to Market

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The excitement surrounding smarthomes is skyrocketing but sadly many of the people who would enjoy and get value out of them have been held back due to high prices. Aria Modern Home is coming to the rescue with their affordable smarthome platform now the focus of an Indiegogo campaign.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) August 7th, 2019

If there’s anything that projects the idea that the “future is now” it is having a cool, very functional smarthome platform up and running in a house or apartment. Unfortunately, that has been easier said than done with most of the platforms available priced well beyond the people who would appreciate them most means. Aria Modern Home is stepping up to disrupt that dynamic, for the better. In exciting news for the industry and people who have been priced out of smarthomes, Aria Modern Homes recently celebrated the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to bring their high-tech, effective and affordable smarthome platform to market. With supporters of their crowdfunding efforts having a chance to get on board with deep discounts depending on their pledge. The excitement surrounding the company and the Indiegogo campaign is both high and rising.

“Aria is a smart home platform that brings the IoT down from its ‘only for the wealthy’ to something more of the masses can enjoy while still keeping quality high,” commented a spokesperson from Aria. “We were able to do this by focusing on the most important smarthome features, approaching some needs in different ways and keeping ourselves on budget. The end result is something will impress many after our crowdfunding campaign is complete and we hit the market.”

According to Aria, this debut campaign focuses on the smarthome essentials with future releases planned to expand the platform even further. Highlights include smart light bulbs, smart multi-color lights with over 16 million possible colors, smart plugs for home appliances, and an ambient sensor to monitor temperature and humidity in a home helping keep it comfortable. An added feature is a one-of-a-kind smart LED controller that can plug into any LED strip and change its color and brightness which are great for accent lighting in a home, giving it a wide range of possibilities to help set the mood when appropriate.

For those who are concerned about Aria’s reliability, the company is certified by Arrow Electronics, a company that covers and guides innovation forward for over 200,000 of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology used in homes, business and daily life. The Arrow certification badge is not given out lightly and Aria possessing it shows the smarthome platform is safe, reliable and a quality choice.

The company has set a goal of $60,000 in funds to be able to come to market. A number of remarkable perks are available based on donation size.

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Aria is a smart home platform that closes the gap between functionality and price. Aria tackles both of these issues by offering affordable smart devices equipped with top-quality functionality. With Aria you will no longer have to browse endlessly through different companies looking for the right product, as our wide catalog of products will be sure to meet your requirements. Not only does Aria offer a wide variety of products, but also with its modern and elegant design you will no longer have to do a trade-off between design and functionality.

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