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Just Released – The Poetic Heart: a LGBT Socially Aware Artistic Collaboration

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The Poetic Heart, officially published this week, uses the creative dimensions of poetry and art to explore love, LGBT concerns, experiences, and emotional expression. This compelling work will engage those interested in exploring the socially aware arts of our times.  An artistic collaboration between artist Nicholas Oliver and poet David Russo, The Poetic Heart uses… Read more »

Debt Negotiation Website Launched to Cut and Consolidate Monthly Repayments for Homeowners

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Just in time for the new year, launches to give homeowners a new lease on their financial lives.  Standing between creditors and those who find themselves with a bevy of unsecured debt, the new website is the personification of just what its name implies.  It gives clients access to experienced debt negotiators with a… Read more »

BelugaCDN Becomes the First CDN with an App for Grafana

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BelugaCDN, a provider of affordable high-performance IPv6/IPv4 Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, today announced that it has released its plugin for Grafana. This is the company’s latest step in providing customers tools for managing their CDN data. With BelugaCDN’s Grafana plugin, users can create custom dashboards using real-time CDN data, in just a few clicks…. Read more »

Adam Wilber Steps Back From the Drawing Board – Onto the Stage

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Magic and mentalism (mind reading) shows are popular across the United States, delighting audiences with seemingly impossible feats. Adam Wilber is the man behind many of the most popular tricks today—and now the Boston-based magician has announced his availability for bookings across the United States. “You could call me the ‘magic trick creator’, and since… Read more »