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Elite Fitness Pros Online Personal Training App Keeps Health & Fitness Buffs On Point During COVID-19

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In the quest to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone can agree, a personal training app has never been more on time. With the motto, “the gym is anywhere you are,” Elite Fitness Pros has come to the rescue.  The virtual training app helps keep people in shape safely, even though it was initially… Read more »

New Corporate Manager ET Feature Helps BC Law Firms Expedite Newly Established Transparency Register

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Effective May 1, 2020, businesses in British Columbia will be called upon to keep and maintain a transparency register of beneficial owners. To end hidden ownership of companies in BC, and decrease illegal activities, Bill 24 will amend the Business Corporations Amendment Act, 2019.  It’s good news for the province that will, in turn, require… Read more »

Newly-Launched Enzaime Digital Solution Gives Doctors The Ability to do Remote Visits With Patients

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Just when COVID-19 is claiming lives across the world Enzaime, a software as a service (SaaS) company, launches their solution to empower the healthcare sector. Enzaime creates customized personal websites for medical professionals with the utility of making online appointments and billing support functions with highly secured & HIPAA compliant data server. They also provide… Read more »

Singapore Memories Revives ‘Singapore Girl” and “Reves De Singapour” Scents from 1960’s Sg.

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There are some moments in history that some wish to relive and experience the sentimental affection of the past. In an effort to revive historical Singaporean fragrances, Singapore memories brings back Iconic Singapore Girl scent. Time travel is not a reality, but Singapore Memories hope to bring the nostalgia and provoke emotions that feel like… Read more »

Social Distancing Creates Opportunities for Radio Host and Planner Bill Black

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While the term “social distancing” may create heartburn for many business owners, an Orange County, CA based radio host and business planner is finding new opportunities and thriving. Bill Black, the host of (a radio show and podcast) has interviewed over 1, 000 business advisors for his radio show that is geared to a… Read more »