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Dr. Scott Zack reveals often overlooked benefits of chiropractic care

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With demand for chiropractic care growing both in the United States and globally, significant aspects of the process—and the benefits which come with them—are still commonly overlooked, according to experts. A primary care provider and highly experienced chiropractor, Dr. Scott P. Zack reveals a number of key, little-known benefits of the treatment which is largely… Read more »

Dr. Gregg Jantz Advocates Healthy Nutrition as Part of his Whole-Person Approach to Care

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For decades, Dr. Gregg Jantz has worked with patients from across the globe to uncover the root source of their problems and determine a plan for healing. Pioneering the whole-person approach to care, Dr. Jantz tailors recovery plans for patients, relying on healthy nutrition in addition to other important factors to achieve lasting results. Dr…. Read more »

Dr. Gregory Jantz Offers 5 Easy Tips for a Happier Life

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Dr. Gregory Jantz has helped patients from around the world attain happiness and positive well-being through his revolutionary approach to care. He’s spent decades learning about common disorders (such as depression and chronic stress) and tailoring individual plans for success for each of his patients. “Happiness is not a feeling or an elusive emotion; it… Read more »

Jeff Nock Encourages the Growth of Social Entrepreneurship

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Jeff Nock has spent decades crafting business models, enabling companies to grow, and helping leaders develop solid plans for success. He’s the CEO & Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, which uses this experience to help early-stage and mid-cap companies achieve their potential. As a demonstrated, versatile leader, he shares his learning experiences with other professionals in… Read more »

Barry Hers recalls early backing of New York City’s HIV/AIDS Services Administration programs

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New York City real estate professional and property investor Barry Hers has enjoyed an illustrious, decades-long career during which he’s supported a wide variety of charities and good causes throughout the city. From the Emergency Rental Assistance Program to the city’s HIV/AIDS Services Administration’s emergency housing schemes, the property sector veteran reflects on his support… Read more »