GREEN CREATIVE launches Warm Dim Series LED lamps

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The Warm Dim Series currently includes the A19 9.5W, BR30 9W and B11 5W lamps. These energy efficient retrofit solutions feature warm dimming designed to mimic incandescent light sources. When dimmed, the color temperature (CCT) of these lamps gradually warms from 2700K-2200K, helping to create the perfect mood for all occasions. “The technology used in… Read more »

GREEN CREATIVE launches award winning ENERGY STAR certified Commercial Downlights with adjustable lumen selector

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GREEN CREATIVE’s new patent pending INNOFIT SERIES offers a universal solution for retrofit or new construction downlighting applications.  The 9.5’’ 45W CDL, 8‘’ 27W CDL,  6’’ 21W CDL and 4’’ 14W CDL downlights feature a field-adjustable lumen selector for three distinct lumen levels equivalent to various CFL lamp combinations, helping to greatly reduce the number… Read more »

GREEN CREATIVE releases DLC qualified HID replacement universal voltage lamps

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The HID LED lamps run on universal voltage 120-277V and replace various HID lamp types, including metal halide (MH), mercury vapor (MV) and high pressure sodium (HPS). The HID LED lamps’ high lumen output, exceptional efficacy, fully omnidirectional beam angle and enclosed fixture rating make them an ideal choice for post top lighting. “With the addition… Read more »