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Mr. Mike Tornabe Talks on Diesel-Electric Hybrid Train

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Much can be said of car and transportation expert and well-known entrepreneur Mike Tornabe, but his passion for futuristic transportation technologies by far outweighs many of his sterling attributes. To this end, Mr. Tornabe hosts regular meetups with like-minded individuals to delve further into the nitty-gritties of some of these technologies and their possible impact… Read more »

Michael Tornabe Logan Bus Company Talks About Transportation Systems of the Future

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“Transportation is going radical!” said Michael Tornabe. He was speaking about the current transport technologies innovation boom. The future of transport is transforming itself into vacuum trains, urban pods, magnetic levitation trains, driver less cars and more.  These exciting changes are already in effect in some nations while others are working on their integration into… Read more »

Jeffrey Cohen Rationalizes Automated Optical Clearing House

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic optical method for financial transactions in the United States of America. This network processes large amounts of debit and credit transaction information. The most applicable Automated Clearing House transfers include payrolls, direct deposits and vendor payments. Consequently, ACH debit transfers include consumer payment on mortgage loans, insurance premiums,… Read more »

Michael Tornabe Bus Talks on Solar Sailor Concept

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 “Solar energy has been widely used in a variety of places, and now we have yet another application for this massive and underutilized energy source – the Solar Sailor”, transportation entrepreneur and technology enthusiast Michael Tornabe said as he began his address on futuristic transportation concepts at a meet up held in New York City… Read more »