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Josh Van Dyk’s Forward-Thinking Web Design Helps His Clients Captivate Prospects

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Josh Van Dyk has worked with clients around the world to create powerful website designs that have a single goal: turn prospects into customers. Van Dyk’s clients include professionals and entrepreneurs who want to give their web presence a more serious face. The process begins with a simple question: “What’s the goal of your website?”… Read more »

SEO Expert Josh Van Dyk Discusses Google Penalties

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Digital marketing and SEO expert Josh Van Dyk works with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to help boost their search engine rankings and visibility, and he’s offering insight into the various penalties that Google assigns websites. These penalties, according to Van Dyk, can happen for a number of reasons. Google’s most well-known penalties are… Read more »

Josh Van Dyk Divulged Must-Have Website Features to Convert Clients!

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Josh Van Dyk is a professional consultant who takes clients’ goals and makes them realities when it comes to creating the perfect website. At a recent Jacki McLenaghan Pure Potentials Speakers Retreat, Van Dyk shared the three things that all successful websites have in common, as well as features that sales-driven websites offer. For instance,… Read more »