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Trailguide Pictures Releases New Wilderness Canoe Trip Short Film

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Jason Eke, a popular Canadian canoe builder, outdoorsman and independent film maker, whose online canoe building and bushcraft video’s reach over 75,000 views per month has released his latest video for free on Youtube. The video/short film titled “A Place to Paddle: Algonquin Park” follows Jason and friends on a 10 Day Wilderness Canoe Trip… Read more »

Trailguide Pictures releases new film “A Place to Paddle: Wabakimi Provincial Park”

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Trailguide Pictures, an independent Canadian landscape and adventure film company, has released a new film this week titled “A Place to Paddle: Wabakimi Provincial Park.” The film is the first instalment in a new series of travel and destination short films planned by the company under the “A Place to Paddle” title. A Place to Paddle:… Read more »