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Egochi Milwaukee’s #1 Internet Marketing Agency

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Wisconsin Innovative Business Awards committee selected Egochi as the number one internet marketing agency in Wisconsin. There were 28 companies competing for this award, however, Egochi managed to stand out of the competition due to its successful track record in the local and mid-sized business segment. The company was founded in 2009 by Jobin John and ever… Read more »

Meyer Van Severen, Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorneys Earns Reputation for Winnings Cases Large & Small

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Meyer Van Severen, S.C. is a criminal defense law firm based in Milwaukee, WI. Operated by Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys Matthew R. Meyer and Benjamin Van Severen, they defend criminal and drunk driving cases. The problem is without the right Milwaukee Criminal Attorney, guilty or not, the accused is likely to have a very bad… Read more »

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorneys Meyer Van Severen Wins Reputation for Success in one of America’s Most Dangerous Cities

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No matter what the explanation or explanations for the problem may be, the fact remains Milwaukee is one of the United State’s most dangerous when it comes to violent crime.  The city scores in the top 15 in every category apart from rape, with the number of violent crimes close to 300% higher than the… Read more »