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Augusta HiTech’s Pharmacy Blockchain Solution Save Lives and Up to $317 Billion Yearly in the U.S.

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Augusta HiTech, experts in blockchain technology solutions, today announces the launch of ScriptAssist Pharmacy® (SAPh), the first pharmacy blockchain solution in the U.S. designed to assist patients whose lives depend on strict medication compliance and sophisticated drug regimens. SAPh is a full-service, online and retail pharmacy and comprehensive medication management platform providing patients and their… Read more »

IntoBirds Talks Perils of Rodenticide to Birds of Prey with Wildlife Advocates

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IntoBirds, an online magazine, community, and educational resource for all things birds caught up with two wildlife education non-profit groups to talk about the fatal threat rodenticide (rat poison) poses to birds of prey and other wildlife. ‘Save Our Raptors, Don’t Use Rodenticide!’ profiles how rodenticide kills more than rodents. It kills the birds that… Read more »

Upswing Boosts Writing and Math Grades at Winston-Salem State University

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Upswing, an education technology startup, is helping Winston-Salem State University, (WSSU), a public historically black university, increase its student’s writing grades by 20 percent, and math grades by 10 percent thanks to its student success solutions built around the students’ lifestyle. WSSU’s more than 6,000 students require academic tutoring support services through technology easily accessible… Read more »

Upswing’s 2020 Vision Making College Degrees A Reality for 50K Students

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Upswing, an education technology startup, is leading the charge to improve student success through increased college support and accessibility for students of all types, with a special focus on serving non-traditional and diverse populations. Partnered with more than 80 colleges and universities throughout the U.S., Upswing’s platform empowers 700,000 students to excel academically. Now with… Read more »

IntoBirds Takes Readers Birdwatching 
with a Wolf in Brooklyn

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IntoBirds, an online magazine, community, and educational resource for all things birds ventured to Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, N.Y. to spend the morning birdwatching with a wolf. This wolf is a birder named Heather Wolf, whose enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, and love for birds is so infectious the only way to capture Heather’s thrill of… Read more »