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Billiards King, LLC Announces Launch Of Cue View 360 – Pool Sticks Recorded In 4K Ultra HD While They Rotate

Industry: Recreation

Garfield, NJ (PRUnderground) October 21st, 2020

Billiards King, LLC is announcing the launch of Cue View 360 – Pool Sticks Recorded In 4K Ultra HD While They Rotate, a Billiards King exclusive feature to make pool enthusiasts’ next choice of cue easier. Cue View 360, available at, will reveal what the whole cue looks like, and what players can expect once they receive their new pool cue in their hands.

Billiards King owner Rich Chrobak says Cue View 360 will truly elevate the online shopping experience, especially since a pool cue is a multi-year investment. “You can see every angle of a car, the back and front of a t-shirt, and even use augmented reality to see what that new couch will look like in your living room. So now, you can see the entire cue you’re about to buy!”

“Cue View 360 is primarily for the intermediate player who already had their first starter or entry-level cue, and now they’re looking to make a bigger investment in a pool stick and buy something really appealing to their individual style,” Chrobak says.

Cue View 360 reveals all the details in the butt of the billiards cue: inlays of pearl, diamond, or mirrors, wood grains, decals, and wrap. “Right now if you try to buy a pool stick, people take stock photos and you can only see one angle or one side of the cue.” Chrobak says, “Those kinds of details are lost in a flat, static image that may have even been Photoshopped.  Plus, in most cases, you can’t even go to a local shop to see the cue in person.” There are thousands of cues available, making it impossible for a local billiards shop to carry each and every one.

Cue View 360 will allow users to watch wide angle and pan/zoom videos showcasing the meticulous precision put into making the cues. This way, pool enthusiasts can appreciate the craftsmanship, from initial design, selection of inlays, and sanding of the wood to the final protective coating. “Making a cue is a craft unlike any other,” Chrobak says, “Now, players can see how the skilled artisans created their weapon of choice, and it will make the search for a new cue exciting again!”

Billiards King is an authorized dealer of Meucci, Pechauer, Viking, McDermott, Valhalla, Jacoby, Cuetec, Dufferin, Lucasi, Players, Pure X, Rage, OB Cues and other brands. All products in the Billiards King warehouse are ready to ship. The company also offers special bonus gifts commensurate with the amount of each individual purchase.

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