Binary Brotherhood’s Adversarial Simulation Outperforms Infrastructure Security Penetration Tests

Industry: Information Technology

The San Francisco startup Binary Brotherhood offers Security Skills as a Service (SSaaS) as a more robust IT infrastructure security assessment alternative.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) March 26th, 2021

In 2021, more companies are under threat of IT security risks than before, and traditional penetration tests continue to provide unreliable deliverables. That is why the San Francisco-based Binary Brotherhood now offers a safe and consistent way to manage IT security risks for clients through adversarial simulations, which outperform traditional penetration tests. Binary Brotherhood provides Security Skills as a Service (SSaaS) for application, infrastructure, mobile penetration testing, and cloud security.

“We team up with companies and help them identify and close their security weaknesses,” explains Dragos Stanescu, CEO of Binary Brotherhood. The typical new Binary Brotherhood client not only increases their overall IT security, but also saves up to 40% of what they were previously spending on IT programs.

Dragos’ decades of experience allowed him to come to a simple conclusion: “Today, we hear about insurance, healthcare, software, and airline companies being compromised. Tomorrow, it might be oil and gas, shipping, or multinational corporations. Threat actors move fast, just like any highly organized criminal syndicate would,” said Dragos. “Their goal is always the same: Penetrate, infiltrate, establish a foothold, collect, and extract data. This can be company data or even your customer’s data.” Such an infrastructure security breach not only leads to severe brand damage, but can also include regulatory fines. For example, Equifax, British Airways, and Marriott paid $1BN in related penalties combined. Part of the issue is that many executives besides the CIO or CTO may not be fully immersed in the latest IT threats and technological advances. “And that is perfectly okay. We talk about penetration testing in a very descriptive way. We at Binary Brotherhood want to make sure that our clients understand what we are saying, despite providing complex adversarial simulations involving our highly skilled people, tools, and techniques. Simply put, we’re here to make our clients’ life safer and easier,” states Dragos.

Binary Brotherhood’s staff is distributed across the globe, and is comprised solely of industry experts, intensely assessed penetration testers, and security consultants. “As a startup, it was important to me and to our clients that we only hire the best in the industry – through an invite-only hiring approach. That means we have one central office here in California, and staff around the globe.” If you would like to learn more about Binary Brotherhood’s Security Skills as a Service, or to request a professional consultation on your security weaknesses, visit:

About Binary Brotherhood

Binary Brotherhood is a US-based, tightly-knit, client-focused IT security consultancy with extensive experience in the United States, providing a superior alternative to the current penetration testing approach. Binary Brotherhood’s Security Skills as a Service (SSaaS) model emerged as the best of both worlds between standard penetration testing and bug bounty programs, and is fueled by a highly skilled and vetted network of globally distributed security professionals.

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