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BindBuddy Announces Kickstarter for Innovate & Functional “On-the-Go” Hands-Free Storage Solution for Coats, Jackets, Sweaters and More

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Carrying a coat or sweater can be cumbersome and annoying. BindBuddy has come to the rescue that turns a backpack or handbag strap into an ideal, comfortable jacket, coat, or sweater solution. A crowdfunding campaign is set to bring BindBuddy to market.

Toronto, Canada (PRUnderground) April 24th, 2020

When on the go most people try to remain as “hands-free” as possible. This was, formerly, quite difficult when there was a jacket, coat or sweater involved and the current weather condition or temperature made wearing it uncomfortable or unnecessary. The good news is a solution has now presented itself in BindBuddy. BindBuddy is an exciting new accessory that takes all of the difficulty and annoyance out of having an extra piece of outerwear on hand. BindBuddy works with a backpack, handbag or other strap to create a storage solution that works with jackets, coats, and sweaters, functioning perfectly and with a clean and sleek visual appeal. BindBuddy recently announced a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising the funds to bring the first run of the product to market.

“We recognized a long-lasting problem and figured out a smart and cool way to solve it,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Having access to BindBuddy is a huge relief when ‘on-the-go’ and can really remove a lot former headaches or having to overdress just to be able to have hands-free or be able to carry something.”

BindBuddy uses a catch-and-release system to hold outerwear. Some have even called it, as a big compliment, a “butler in a backack). The design is universal and can attach to any size strap. Once the Kickstarter is successful a hands-free commute will available no worries at all.

Supporters of the Kickstarter at a soon-to-be-established point and beyond will receive their BindBuddy at a full 50% off its list price.

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About BindBuddy

BindBuddy is a lightweight device that uses a catch-and-release system to hold coats, jackets, sweaters for you.

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