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Blaux first burst onto the healthy air purifying, cooling, and humidifying product scene earlier this year in 2020 with the Blaux In Home Air Purifier.

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) July 28th, 2020

Then it was the hot and humid summertime temperatures turn to shine and Blaux just recently introduced the Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC units to compliment its air purifier. Now, the 3-product lineup from Blaux has blossomed into category-creating, market leading thanks in large part to the success of the three in one Blaux Portable AC for air cooling, humidifying and purifying.

Whether consumers opt to use the Blaux In Home Air Purifier, the Blaux Portable AC or the Blaux Wearable AC, all three of the trendy healthy air products are stealing the summer’s heat and allowing what many are labeling it as a, personal air conditioning breakthrough.

As both an air ionizer and filter, Blaux In-Home has one primary purpose: to purify the air. It’s efficient and fast, not to mention appreciated by many people from all over the world. Studies have shown that the quality of indoor air and pollution causes more than 7 million deaths every year, so researchers and engineers came up with Blaux In Home to reduce these death numbers. This air purifier has to bring many health benefits, seeing that impure air causes respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, also lung damage.

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The Blaux In Home Air Purifier is billed as the easiest way to freshen personal living spaces up and the Blaux Portable AC is the perfect mini desktop air conditioner that can chill a medium to large size room in just over a handful of minutes. This review of Blaux products will focus primarily on the Home Air Purifier but the important top-level information for each the portable air conditioner and personal air cooling neck fan are made available below.

What Is Blaux In Home Air Purifier?

An ionization device, Blaux In-Home, is different than other air cleaners available on the market. This is because, through ionization, it uses a static charge to catch air contaminants and to pull them in. By doing so and also employing a mighty charcoal filter, it cleans the air from any harmful particles, leaving it refreshed and smelling nice. The Blaux In-Home filter is made from charcoal because this sedimentary rock is very efficient at removing dust, pollen, or other air contaminants.

Blaux In-Home Features

As mentioned earlier, Blaux In-Home features a charcoal filter that’s very powerful and cleans the air in no time. This device is an air filter, but also an ionizer and deodorizer. Here are some of its most critical other features:

  1. 3 fan speeds
  2. Night light base
  3. Spring Morning freshness

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What is Blaux Wearable AC?

The Blaux Wearable AC is a high quality personal cooling fan and air cleaning device designed to help the upper body area stay cool when it’s very hot outside or inside, while also adding clean, purified, chilled breathable air. The portable cooling fan is very quiet, which makes it great for use in the home and office.

With its flexible positioning fan blades, wearing the neck air cooler helps position the fan in such a manner that it directs clean cooling airflow to wherever needed the most. Blaux Wearable AC offers 3-speeds for its high, medium and low power fan settings. The adjustable louver makes for targeted air flow to be output by the Blaux Wearable AC fans for a rapid cooling effect while on the go. Many routinely opt to use the high speed fan first to accelerate the personal cooling effect and eventually turn it down to the low speed to keep cool for a longer period.

Benefits of the Blaux Personal Fan, aka the Wearable Air Conditioner

Blaux Wearable AC is a great portable air cooling fan and even life-saving in some ways as avoiding heat-related fatigue and exhaustion should be a top priority. Here are a few of the top level specifications for the Blaux Wearable AC:

  • ionizer helps reduce allergens and pollutants for cleaner air to breathe built-in nano-silver-based antimicrobial filtration system that is easy to clean and lowers airborne particulate matter multi-directional adjustable airflow louver for specifically targeted breezy wind blowing titanium rod thermoelectric cooling plates
  • USB-C charging cord that can run for 5 hours with the cooling plates on and up to 18 hours with only the personal fans lightweight,
  • cord-free,
  • barely puts any weight on the neck or shoulder area replaceable,
  • easy to clean and install air filters for continued use

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What is the Blaux Portable AC?

Last, but certainly not least, is the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner. In fact, of the Blaux AC units and Blaux purifiers, the mini personal air conditioner from Blaux has been the brand’s number one seller this summer due to its innovative features and customary options for chilling, purifying and moisturizing the immediate environment for optimal living areas.

Benefits of the Blaux Portable AC, aka the Most Popular Personal AC in 2020

The world of personal portable air conditioners is relatively new. While the concept has been flaunted for a few summers now, never before have consumers had the options to get an affordable, practical and highly useful personal air conditioning unit at such a great rate. As technological advancements continue to happen and innovative features add up, the Blaux AC offers maximum portability for any and all personal air cooling needs. Here is a list of all the significant advantages the Blaux Portable AC unit offers consumers this summer:

  • advanced cooling technology that uses highly efficient evaporation technology to lower heat and boost cool air cordless,
  • compact,
  • big as a car battery and only two pounds in weight with no water in it whisper-quiet motor noises with low,
  • medium and high fan speeds with a rotatable louver for adjustable airflow wherever required most multi-color mood lighting illumination settings for a late night refreshing scene with cool,
  • chilled air as a by product 300ml water tank that is easy to clean, fill, and reuse time and time again with replaceable water curtains after 6-8 months of use air cleansing purifier support that can filter dust particles and harmful airborne particulate matter direct energy bill savings by reducing electricity costs,
  • only cooling down personal spaces vs whole homes or large inefficient areas

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To wrap up, switching gears back to the Blaux In-Home Air Purifier is optimal now that the basics are covered for the portable Blaux AC units.

Where Can Blaux In-Home Be Used?

Much like the Blaux ACs, the Blaux In-Home Air Purifier can be put anywhere indoors, so in the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, even in RVs and tents. While operating, it continually circulates and cleans the air without leaving any trace of ozone behind. What it uses is purified charcoal that acts against bacteria, pollen, dust, and any other harmful particles usually present in the air. It’s good to know this device’s charcoal filter comes in scented options too, as well that it can be at any time replaced. In other words, Blaux In Home is the ultimate air cleaner, not to mention it doesn’t cost that much either in comparison to other options available on the marketplace.

How Should Blaux In-Home Be Used?

Many people are simply in love with Blaux In-Home not only because it’s very efficient at cleaning the air, but also because it’s straightforward to operate. To do its job, it has to have its charcoal filter changed from time to time. Obviously, to be plugged to an electrical power source and turned on at the fan speed at which it’s desired to function. Because it uses charcoal filtration, Blaux In Home is environmentally friendly and can eliminate even larger harmful air particles. Besides, if used with the aromatic filter option, it leaves any room smelling fresh and fantastic.

Who Makes Blaux In-Home?

Blaux In Home Air Purifier, Portable AC and Wearable AC is made by Blaux, a Hong Kong-based company famous for developing the most innovative and efficient AC and air purifying devices. At the moment, Blaux In-Home can be bought only online through the manufacturer’s official website. The same goes for the portable and wearable Blaux Air Conditioners on top of each product coming with a no-hassle 30-day guarantee for those who may want to return it in order to get a refund. None of the three healthy air devices are made available on or any other large commerce store. No retail store will carry a Blaux branded product as all three are available only by visiting the official website and product pages for each.

How to Buy the Blaux Air Conditioners and Purifiers?

For inquiries about Blaux In Home, the Blaux support team can be contacted at:

Company address:

Strong Current Enterprises Limited,

68308 G/F Kowloon East Building,

12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun-Tong Hong Kong


US: 609 414 7087

New Zealand and Australia: 02 8607 8316

Canada: 778 300 0854 Ireland and the

UK: 08708 200084


The company is listed as Strong Current Enterprises Ltd because Blaux is a subsidiary of this online shopping giant.

The price for a Blaux In-Home Air Purifier unit is $79.99 and more than affordable considering how much this product has to offer. Replacement charcoal filters can be bought through the Blaux website along with the Blaux Portable AC. For the Blaux Air Purifier, they have to be changed every month, but not if the device hasn’t been used every day. Their scents include Yuzu Fresh, Pacific Linen, or Calming Lavender. Blaux VIP members get a charcoal filter free of charge.

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The Blaux Portable AC can be bought on the official website as well for as low as $85 per personal air conditioning unit. One unit will cost more, however it retails for $192 but can be purchased today for only $124 for a single portable Blaux AC. Act now as these are only introductory prices and will only remain this low while initial product supplies last.

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The Blaux Wearable AC can be ordered through the official website as well for as low as $45 per neck cooler. One unit starts at $69 but only while initial supplies are in stock as each unit will bump back up to the regular pricing of $107.68 per. The Blaux Personal Fan is one of the most exciting category creators in the arena of portable personal air conditioners and are selling out fast.

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There will also be new exciting announcements to share in the coming months as the Blaux AC units and air purifying devices will continue to shine all summer long.

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