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Brennan & Clark, LLC Launches Site on Its Successful Approach to Collections

Industry: Business

The Brennan and Clark Collection Agency recently launched a website on its proven collections strategies for businesses. Read on to learn more.

Illinois (PRUnderground) June 23rd, 2020

Businesses interested in learning how to finally collect the money owed to them by customers can now take advantage of a brand-new microsite created by the Brennan and Clark Collection Agency, an expert in the industry.

The new blog website can be accessed at Brennan & Clark, LLC, a commercial collections field leader for nearly 40 years, created the website with the goal of showing potential clients how it can help them to improve their businesses thanks to its unparalleled technology, refined processes, and talent.

What Brennan & Clark, LLC Offers                                                      

On the website, the Brennan and Clark Collection Agency emphasizes one of its guiding principles: that if a certain amount of money is collectible, the agency will make it happen. It is for this reason that the agency remains one of the most recognized and praised collection agencies in North America. In fact, the company has such an impressive track record that it has consistently exceeded the industry’s average for collections by 20%. According to Brennan & Clark, the agency has done this by abiding by the industry’s ethical standards and taking extra steps to foster robust client relationships.

In light of Brennan & Clark’s sterling success, the new microsite will highlight the agency’s accomplishments. Specifically, it covers the key services that it has provided over the years to meet the needs of its various clients.

What the New Brennan & Clark, LLC, Website Blogs Offer

The new microsite by Brennan & Clark, LLC features blogs that fall under three categories. The first category has to do with contingency collection services. These services include, for example, legal services, outsourcing, and subrogation. Outsourcing services range from letter writing to customer service phone calls, credit inquiries, and invoicing. Meanwhile, subrogation involves using data mining to determine a client’s recovery rights.

The second category of blogs focuses on the agency’s Fast Track Payment. Through this service, Brennan & Clark pays its clients upfront and assumes the risk associated with collections—with no complaints.

Finally, the third category of blogs is centered on collections-related training. Through these blogs, readers can find out what Brennan & Clark teaches its clients’ collections departments with regard to evaluating their internal processes, for example.

All in all, the agency’s chief goal with its new microsite is to show commercial clients how to quickly recover their outstanding payments and thus boost their bottom lines in the months and years ahead.


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