Buy Box Experts Warns Amazon Sellers to Act Now or Face Holiday Delivery Delays

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Amazon account management firm says holiday sales could double, warns of delays at Amazon receiving docks and shortage of last mile delivery services

Salt Lake City, UT (PRUnderground) October 7th, 2020

Amazon deliveries always skyrocket during the holidays, but increased online shopping due to the pandemic is threatening to tax Amazon logistics like never before. With Q4 underway, the consultants at Buy Box Experts are warning Amazon sellers to act now or jeopardize on-time deliveries.

Buy Box Experts is a leading Amazon seller consulting service that has helped over 10,000 clients sell more and manage their brand equity on the Amazon channel. The company’s ecommerce gurus, many of whom are former Amazon employees, leverage their personal connections with Amazon executives and senior leaders of over 150 service providers to help businesses tap into the best resources possible. They also provide proprietary software that helps companies automate and improve time-consuming processes, including forecasting and replenishing inventory and optimizing listings.

Buy Box Experts Founder and CEO, Joseph Hansen, said that the average daily sales for Amazon since the COVID-19 outbreak are rivaling the biggest shopping days of last year, to include Black Friday and Prime Day.

Hansen said that the addition of holiday shopping is going to stretch Amazon logistics to the brink. “The holidays typically increase sales by 30 to 40%, and that’s in a normal year,” said Hansen. “It’s very probable that in 2020, online holiday sales could be twice what they were in recent years.”

According to Hansen, Amazon has already altered procedures to keep up with the skyrocketing delivery demand. “Amazon has had to marshal their own delivery forces to keep pace. Amazon drivers are handling two-thirds of last mile deliveries because traditional carriers like UPS do not have the bandwidth to keep up.”

He advised Amazon sellers to get their holiday inventory into warehouses today, if they haven’t already. “The warehouses are overflowing, and merchants will soon be turned away for lack of space,” said Hansen.

Another benefit of getting merchandise in early according to Hansen is that it gives sellers access to preferred carriers, which will be critical in navigating inevitable delays at receiving docks.

“There’s only so much space and time at those docks,” said Hansen. “Preferred carriers will have first dibs, but others may be waiting in the parking lot for days — or even weeks — trying to get a slot at the receiving dock.”

In addition to getting inventory into warehouses, Hansen said that he is urging his clients to make a “plan B” for fulfillment. “Because there are so many unknowns this year, it’s best to talk to a third-party logistics facility to work out storage and shipment for any inventory that Amazon may not be able to accommodate.”

Hansen also suggested setting earlier than usual cutoff dates for merchandise. “If you normally make December 22nd the last order date for Christmas Eve delivery, consider moving that date back to the 20 th instead. It’s better to cut things off early than to risk unhappy customers and negative ratings over delays which are out of your control.”

Hansen heads Buy Box Experts with James Thomson, who served as the first Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) account manager and director of Amazon Services. Hansen and Thomson have a combined total of more than 30 years in e-commerce experience. They are well known in the ecommerce industry for starting Prosper Show, the largest educational conference for Amazon sellers in the U.S.

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