Bwanaz Partners With World Depot to Provide Unbeatable Wholesale Prices to Help Small Businesses Grow

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Bwanaz sets out to redefine the current business marketplace by giving small businesses a competitive edge in today’s monopolistic marketplace.

Chino, CA (PRUnderground) November 8th, 2022

Bwanaz (JJFK Inc.), an online fusion marketplace platform that combines wholesale and retail, announces today that it has partnered with World Depot, a global supplier that boasts 65+ warehouse locations worldwide and hundreds of millions yearly revenue, to make wholesale affordable and easily accessible for small businesses. This gives small local and online businesses the opportunity to expand and grow in the marketplace.

“Big companies have unmatched buying power and ample resources to beat out small competitors,” says John Xie, founder of Bwanaz (JJFK Inc.) “That’s why these big companies have monopolized the market. To this day, it’s been next to impossible for small businesses to flourish because they simply don’t have the means to purchase wholesale in bulk the way large companies can, so wholesalers always work with the big players. It’s like the rich grow richer, and the poor get poorer!” John Xie continues. “But that’s all about to change. With Bwanaz partnering with World Depot, we now have a way to close that gap!”

This partnership makes it possible for small businesses to purchase items with shockingly low wholesale prices and with small MOQs- as little as two units. Even when combined with shipping, the total wholesale cost will still be 30% to 35%, or as much as 50% lower than what the big companies can get.

“This is revolutionary! This will change the entire existing retail and wholesale structure of our current marketplace because this will even out the playing field among the big and small players. Anybody who has tried starting a business knows how difficult it is to promote and maintain its growth. This partnership between Bwanaz and World Depot is the solution to helping small business owners get their big break!” says Terry Tan, co-founder of Bwanaz (JJFK Inc.)

On, customers can find World Depot Inc. and see all the new products that have been listed.

New products have recently been introduced under categories such as home, garden, kitchen, and pet products. The Wooden Computer Gaming Desk With a Drawer, the Faux Fur Sofa Blanket, the Dog Car Seat, the Aluminum Hanging Basket for Flowers, and the COSVALVE 5IN1 Food Processor are all new additions to the website. More products and categories will be added in the coming months.


Tonya Verge


About Bwanaz

Bwanaz is a Los Angeles-based e-commerce fusion marketplace that combines wholesale and retail onto one platform. In a world where industry giants are becoming more and more prominent and crushing out small businesses, Bwanaz seeks to ensure that these small businesses can retain a competitive edge in today’s market by creating opportunities that allow them to buy less and sell more. Visit Bwanaz at to accelerate the growth of a small business.

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