Case Studies: Interesting results from Social Media Press Releases sent out in September

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(PRUnderground) September 30th, 2013

prestigious puppyFor many businesses, Google searches deliver more traffic to their website than any other source. Yet we also know that being among the first page of search results for a keyword is essential if your site is to get traffic. If your website is beyond the first page of Google, the likelihood that it will be found goes way down and it can be hard to get your website on to that first page of Google results.

However, Google values legitimate, fresh content, and so you will often see very new posts and articles from trusted sources included among search results for keywords. Social media press releases are a perfect example of new, fresh content, and here we show you some examples of how businesses successfully used in the last month to get their announcement on to the first page of Google, for some incredibly competitive keywords.

[Editor’s NOTE: The results below are pretty amazing and powerful for your announcements. But if you are reading this thinking you can issue fake press releases (or use other scams) just to get traffic, please note that we will not accept them. All releases are moderated by an editor and we only accept legitimate releases.]

1) Summary: A startup with a new app that lets people sell via Facebook makes the first page of Google with their release “Apps Mav Launches App for Businesses Looking to Sell on Facebook“. Now anything to do with Facebook is an incredibly competitive keyword. Here is the result for the keywords ‘Sell on Facebook’ (and it happened that day!):

App Mav Sell on facebookThey also put a second announcement for their new app that embeds Youtube on Facebook (again two very competitive keywords). The results:

App Mav youtube app on facebook

2) Summary: A musician with a song on the soundtrack for the new movie Salinger makes the first result on the first page of Google with their release “Christine Wu Adds Salinger Soundtrack to List of Lorne Balfe Credits“. Here is the result for the keywords ‘Salinger Soundtrack’ (and it happened that day!):

christine wu salinger soundtrack

Remember, Google placement is just one of the common benefits of distributing a social media press release on PRUnderground. You are also getting distribution on Twitter, Facebook, and a dozen other social media and social bookmarking sites where you can get retweets, likes and engage readers and writers everywhere. Plus your own newsroom, and the ability to include images, links, video, and your social media page links in your press release. Not bad for $20-39!

(Note: All Case Studies are intended to objectively show the actual ranking results and activity from a client press release on They are not meant to be endorsements of either the PRUnderground service or the client’s business, but just an interesting sample of possible results.)

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