Case Study: A comic art press release creates active discussion on a message board

Industry: Case Studies

(PRUnderground) October 15th, 2015

When we think about press releases, we often think about pickup by media sites, Google News, and even social media. But sometimes a press release can create active discussion on a message board or forum on a certain topic, which can be great for your business.

Recently a press release was issued announcing the $175,000 sale of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight comic art by Metropolis Gallery, and a reader found it and posted the link on the Collectors Society, an active website and forum for collectors of comics and coins. What followed was 4 pages of discussion about the impressive sale mentioned in the press release.

These are the types of niche pickups that are impossible to predict when you issue a press release, but can be a powerful way to extend your brand when they do happen. Lekas & Levine was the PR firm behind this successful press release.

You can also help create situations like these by:

  1. Identifying 10-20 relevant message boards and forums for your business
  2. Making your own account on these sites.
  3. Respectfully adding dialog when appropriate to build your value in the forum community
  4. Building good relations through dialog with influential members of the forum
  5. Occasionally dropping in a highly relevant and non-promotional link to a press release or other 3rd party mention of something on topic. It must feel natural and flow with the current commentary on the board. If it is at all spammy or feels like a sales pitch, you are likely to feel the wrath of the community and likely be banned.
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