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HM Health LLC Announces their Colorado-Based Hemp Seed Company Partners With USDA Organic Spinach Farming Giants

Posted by & filed under Agriculture., an HM Health LLC company, announced that it has partnered and signed a multi-year contract to supply high-quality organic hemp seed to AZ Hemp, whose partners include, Melissa Winnaman and Alan Bornt one of the largest USDA organic spinach and spring mix farmers in the country.  Bornt and Sons 100-year-old family-run farm is helmed… Read more »

Champrix Optimistic About the Poultry Industry in Tanzania

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Experts say that Africa is the continent to watch in the 21st century. The middle class is on the rise, international brands are setting up shop, and investments into agricultural commodities and food production are constantly flowing in. Particularly in Tanzania, of interest to both locals and investors is the continued growth of poultry houses… Read more »

Japan Plant Factory Association Announces Innovative approach to sustainability with Plant factories with artificial lighting (PFAL)

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Plant Factory is a facility that aids the steady production of high-quality vegetables all year round by artificially controlling the cultivation environment (e.g., light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and culture solution), allowing growers to plan production.  Japan leads the world in the cutting-edge technology contained in plant factories and it continues to motivate entrepreneurs… Read more »

Cox Family Holdings (CFH) announces spin-out of Tria Global Solutions, LLC

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Cox Family Holdings (CFH) is excited to announce Tria Global Solutions, LLC as a new member of its portfolio of companies.  Tria was launched as a spin-out from its sister company, Exacto, Inc. to meet the rapidly growing need for sustainable sourcing solutions in agricultural and horticultural markets. Tria Global Solutions’ portfolio starts with the… Read more »

Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition and Farm Services Agency Research Demonstrates Effectiveness of Saturated Buffers

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The Farm Services Agency (FSA) and the Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition (ADMC) collaborated to quantify the effectiveness of saturated buffers to reduce nutrient loading from tile drainage waters. This demonstration program builds upon this same group of collaborator’s findings from the 2012-2015 and 2016-2017 projects. FSA has made significant investments through the Conservation Reserve Program… Read more »