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LGBTQ+ Indie Debut Novel Hits Best-seller Status

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In the late evening of May 3rd, 2019, an independently published LGBTQ+ novel called In the Shadow of Prometheus became the best-selling new work of literature on Amazon. It is the debut novel of L. Farnsworth Colson, a Yale alum. Written half-way between the style of a modern philosophical novel and the thrilling epics of… Read more »

Dee Cope’s Sci-Fi Action Adventure, The Integration Attempt, Makes Contact With The World Below

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When a beautiful young woman mysteriously appears, and disappears, in Davy Carrington’s camp, he has no way of knowing she was born 2700 years earlier! The teenager introduces herself saying, “My name is Sarah, and my brother is Caleb.” She doesn’t tell him they are siblings of royalty, born in the Kingdom of Dan, and,… Read more »

Muslim Student Meets Small-Town America in New Novel I Am Lemonade Lucy! from Kenneth Womack

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In his latest novel, author Kenneth Womack tells a story for our times in I Am Lemonade Lucy!, tracing the tale of twentysomething refugee Azza Amari as she navigates her way among the college students in the working-class environs of tiny Fremont, Ohio. In the book, Azza comes into the orbit of 17-year-old Kip Beckelhymer,… Read more »