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Announcing Blotout EdgeTag: Fix your Facebook Pixels in 2 min

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We’re proud to announce Blotout EdgeTag, the first privacy-preserving fix for lossy and non-consented Facebook data sharing. As marketers know, privacy changes are wreaking havoc on the martech stack. Ad blocking has made users invisible and Apple’s tracking prevention has eliminated third-party cookies and shortened attribution windows. Until we launched our trusted CDP, which deploys… Read more »

Geoff Creaghan Supports Mental Health America, Helping Promote the Mental Health of All Americans

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Geoff Creaghan – a renowned education thought leader and director of a prominent Cloud computing company in North America – is proud to offer his support to Mental Health America, the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and to improving the overall mental health of all…. Read more »

Saitech Inc is an Intel Authorized Gold Level Partner for over a decade

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We value our partnership with Intel and proud to offer Intel products and services to our esteemed public and private sector clients. Intel solutions are powering the smart and connected digital world we all thrive in. Saitech Inc ‘s offer Intel world class products in all the following categories: Intel Components Client Computing Client Processors… Read more »