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ProV International Accelerates it’s Global Expansion to Africa

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ProV International Inc., a leading organization in the business process consulting industry have recently launched strategic initiatives to accelerate and expand their international business to Africa. This will include major updates to their offerings and the continued expansion of its international sales force. ProV is a global sales organization who deeply supports their customers and their growing technology… Read more »

Culture-Strategy Fit® Talks Culture Integration and Culture Clash Following Mergers and Acquisitions

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Culture-Strategy Fit® offers solutions to companies dealing with mergers and acquisitions. They help optimize ROI through effective culture integration. Using a variety of approaches, Culture-Strategy Fit helps organizations capitalize on culture strengths and implement strategies to mitigate the potential damage of cultural differences. One of Culture-Strategy Fit’s® most powerful tools is its M&A Culture Survey… Read more »

Dr. Grace Mukupa added to 2019 Government Relations Speaker Series!

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Speaker announcement: We are proud to announce that Dr. Grace Mukupa, PH.D., MBA, has been added to the 2019 list of distinguished speakers. December 12, 2018, Manchester Group & Associates, LLC, is pleased to announce that Grace Mukupa, Ph.D., and MBA, will be one of the distinguished speakers for the 2019 Government Relations Speaker Series. … Read more »