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VisionDirect EOFY | End Of Financial Year 2019 Key Dates and Sales

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The financial year is a 12 month time period that is used for tax purposes. For Australians, the financial year ends on 30 June, with the next financial year beginning on 1 July. From 1 July through to 31 October both individuals and businesses are required to submit a tax return form to the Australian… Read more »

This Sunglasses Day discover designer sunglasses at VisionDirect

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The sunglasses you wear to the beach, for hiking or just for a sunny day are not there just to make you look fashionable among others, but there is a deep-rooted reason embedded within them. The Vision Council aims to spread the awareness of how important a pair of sunglasses are and how they can… Read more »

Block blue light with SmartBuyGlasses!

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Whether you sit in front of your computer screen for hours during work or you spend a lot of time on your tablet or smartphone, these activities have a huge impact on your eyesight. These devices emit blue light which can impair your vision for a long term basis and result in digital eye strain…. Read more »