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Cosmic Film Festival Announces Three Days of Film Screenings in Orlando, June 15-17, 2018

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It’s agreed, there’s a deluge of films that are conformist and not very interesting. Fortunately, the opposite is also true, with many creative filmmakers and a devoted audience, very much appreciating originality and “outside the box thinking”. This exciting space is well represented by Orlando, Florida’s Cosmic Film Festival. Now in their 2nd year, the… Read more »

“THE POST” Wins The LA Press Club’s Veritas Award

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The Los Angeles Press Club is thrilled to announce the winner of its 3rd annual Veritas Award for the Best Film Based on or Inspired by Real Events and People.  This award is judged by members of the LAPC — based equally upon fidelity of subject matter and artistic excellence. The overwhelming winner is 20th Century Fox’s The Post written… Read more »

Trailguide Pictures Releases New Wilderness Canoe Trip Short Film

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Jason Eke, a popular Canadian canoe builder, outdoorsman and independent film maker, whose online canoe building and bushcraft video’s reach over 75,000 views per month has released his latest video for free on Youtube. The video/short film titled “A Place to Paddle: Algonquin Park” follows Jason and friends on a 10 Day Wilderness Canoe Trip… Read more »