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Healthcore Media, LLC Launches Dynamic Community Health Website,

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Mahwah, New Jersey (June 2010) — Healthcore Media LLC has launched, a dynamic, educational and community oriented health website that is quickly taking center stage among health portals. Chronic illnesses are at an all time high, and unbiased medical information and supportive connections with others are taking top priority across the world. One Health… Read more »

The Supplement to the American Healthcare Plan

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Americans spend billions of dollars each year trying to stay or get healthy. The diet, health, nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical and medical industries all play a part in today’s health market. Consumers visit their doctors for advice and prescriptions; buy over the counter medicines, purchase health and vitamin supplements, and try to keep up with the… Read more »

The New Celebrity-Endorsed Cure For Frozen Shoulder: The Niel-Asher Technique

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While some methods of surgery, physical therapy and a copious intake of various drugs have worked in relatively rare cases; they have been ineffective in the majority of cases, and usually provided only temporary relief. The Niel-Asher technique is revolutionary in its simple approach: without resorting to drugs or invasive procedures, this is a form… Read more »

New iPhone App Allows Consumers to Scan Food Labels In-Store Avoid Allergens and Additives

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For the first time, consumers can easily access additive, allergen and ingredient properties of any food product in-store with a simple iPhone application from FoodEssentials. Consumers can use the FoodEssentials Scanner, now available in the app store, to scan barcodes of products in-store to view detailed food labels, highlighting any additive, allergen, nutrient or ingredient… Read more »